Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tides of Change.

Have you ever noticed the way things evolve in Nelson surfing or are you just happy to get a wave when we randomly do??

After spending some 4 weeks out of the water It has given me time to look back across the whole planeshape of surfing in Nelson and I have noticed some interesting patterns and evolvements.
Although we are constantly exciting ourselves over the prospect of "the next swell", when this swell has/had arrived we often feel let down and or if not, exhausted, as it often seems like the anticipation has spent up all the energy so that by the time you're actually out there surfing it becomes somewhat anti-climatic.
Yes, surfing in Nelson can be extremely Tantric, but on the flipside of all of this generally there is a feeling of friendliness amongst everyone that you dont find anywhere else as we are all just happy and relieved to be getting waves.

Claims that it is more crowded nowadays have to be intercepted with the reverse statement of "Is it more crowded these days"??.
Note the crowd shuffle..for example, every year a new cluster of grommets start emerging but then again every year an earlier generation moves on either to University or overseas.
Some people move to Nelson for work and become an addition to the lineup but at the same time another leaves and the ones that amuse me the most are the constant haters who stand up high on the Boulder Bank and moan and groan about the surf in Nelson are the exact same ones that you will see checking it a day break the next day....

Those who continue to live and surf in Nelson religously all deserve a golden handshake as it can be utterly frustrating to say the least but at the same time when the surf is on you really wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I myself would fly back from Indonesia to surf Nelson....but then again Ive never been to Indonesia!!

If you have read the above words and have taken anything out of it then you are an eternal Nelson frother and love surfing in Nelson or it really is April Fools day....

Hope to see you in the water...

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