Monday, April 4, 2011

Bruce's Bits !

Bruce's Bits: When hes not dressing up floppy-eared bunny rabbits and tucking them into dollys beds Bruce likes to head down the west coast and hook into some of those mysto rivermouths between Greymouth and westport below and above is some of photographic evidence....

Rumour Mill: >>>> Who is the local surfer due to turn 40 in May and is gonna chuck a big party with all Nelson Boardriders invited???>>>>Who were the lucky few to yet again score waves whilst everyone else thought it was onshore???>>>>>>Nelson surf once again turned on the shit-tap for a Jono Harris visit>>>>> How come the back bar at Tahunanui is possibly the best place to ride a SuP in the world yet only a couple of part time suP riders surf it?? and last but not least what newly found boardriders club turn around and throw it in the face of the guy who bought surfing back into the mainstream in their town??? Had to be said boys... had to be said......

BBR Final Club Comp: Buller Boardriders are holding their final club comp of the season on saturday the 16th April in Westport and invite all nelson Crew to come join in the fun for a small entry fee of 5 bucks per head.. Ant Hema the classic quote master pulling out all stops with lines like "This is the Final Showdown" . Once again everyone invited for the day and lets hope in final showdown style its a "Backdoor shootout" at nine mile.

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