Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around the Grounds.

(above): Nelson Boys , Jimmy mack, Nick Morris, Rory and mate

Are you tired of waking to find only 1-2ft grovel? Do you feel frustrated after surfing small waves which leave you feeling unfullfilled? Well there are now two remedies, which are, (1)either leave Nelson or (2) Stick around because "next week" is gonna pump right???...... aaahhh the line we live by ,gotta love it!!!

So straight into it I have got my hands on some photos of the Grommets bus trip to Blentown, Kaiks and beyond and also a couple of snippets from a debaucherous west coast trip on good friday,,,, If it wasnt so good it would have been bad.
(above):Marco Edwards- high speed hack

(above): Jackson Gregory , slip-streaming.

Rumour Mill: >>
...>>>Which two guys scored pumping slabs right in the heart of town last saturday while everyone either grovelled The Glen, or stayed home crying that it was cold and onshore??>>>>Who drove straight from Christchurch to Snappers point in the middle of the night only to Arrive early Sunday morning to 1ft onshore Snappers???>>> How come no one else has seen the or a shark???>>>>Who is the local bodyboarder who has taken up stand-up surfing a month or so ago and has now overtaken his mates who have been trying for 2 years???, watch this space.>>>>>> Which Richmond surfer drove to Snappers early monday morning and didnt wait for a set driving home thinking it was flat while some of us surfed for 4 hours......and last but not least who is the local surfer seen in the wee hours of the morning eating lollies and listening to Leanord Cohen............ The truth is out there.....
(above): Marco laying some rail at Meatworks.

Quotes of the Week:
>>>>"I did not come on this road trip to smell your ass">>>>"I checked it this morning it looked small">>>>>"Whats this texting everyone to tell them the surfs on"-replied with- "your the one on the paddleboard"....

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