Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone and let all of those who decided to stay in town be blessed as there is a 2ft swell on the rise with things looking great for the next 48hours!!
Last weekend saw everyone hangin themselves out to dry waiting for a swell which hardly eventuated then at the last minute when everyone had just about given up on it kicked on the sunday morning at 3-4ft but super hightides left everyone even more frustrated.Cj Barton, Mike Baker and myself shot the gap and headed over to Whangamoa to surf some beachies and were later joined by paulo Devia and Vaclav Nic from Columbia and Checkoslavakia respectively with Paulo coming a cropper on the notorious "Scar Reef" or "Two Ducks" reef point meeting the rocks and coming off second best.There was a shark attack the previous afternoon at Snappers check the story here but from a distance it seems the poor shark was only defending its territory from invading North Islanders.
(above):L-R Cj Barton, Captain Underpants, Paulo Devia and Vaclac Nic on the road to nowhere.

It is school holidays and the grommets are out and about with Jackson Gregory loading up his bus with a crew and heading over the east coast last week scoring exceptionally good waves in both Blenheim and Kaikoura. ALthough I am still waiting for the photographic evidence of said waves!!
Be sure to check out the Buy Sell area of the site as things are starting to move and thats about all, nice one, see you later , Ciao!!!

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  1. what? you meeeen to sayyy there is more surf breaks in nelson other than snapppeeerrss????


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