Friday, October 28, 2011

Around the Grounds!!

Hey all whats been happening? A lot of busy-ness and excitement going on round surf city at the moment with all sorts of mad stuff going on.
Weve had a couple of minor one day swells to keep our lips wet and the water is warming up super fast so we are starting to enjoy our time in the water more now.(above): Original Nelson Boardriders circa '67

Conal and Ana Parkes are soon to return to our shores after a 6 month sojourn through South America with Conal insisting that even when Puerto Econdido was 6-8ft he still craved the smell of the poo ponds, Stevo Devoe's smile and some hearty Snappers action.
Bruce Wilson snuck off to Indo for a fortnight scoring 10ft Balian and the like but hey he missed out on a couple of 3ft windswell's back here so his loss.
Jeremy Pooley is back in the water after a nasty boat accident saw him nearly become craybait, a couple of new sticks under his belt to boot most likely has him rabid with froth.
(above): Bruce dialing up some Balian..
The Cape Classic went down in Westport over the Labour Weekend also with Sam Dunfoy from Kaikoura taking it out, myself the only entrant from Nelson was a bit dissapointing especially seeing as the Blenheim crew sent a 5 strong team, but well I guess pushing your surfing is not everyones piece of cake.
Theres nothing more humbling and than getting your ass kicked!!! and you always come back stronger!!(above): A picture paints a thousand words...
(above): Just up the road from the Westport Comp zone the emptiness was sickening.
Whats that I hear you say?? What Club?? Well next weekend we look set to finally have another get-together and invites to the event location will be emailed early in the week. Thats right a club get-together next weekend...most likely on the Saturday.
Any of you who are interested in joining a "core" club committee other than myself and "The Treasurer" could you please do so via email asap.
(above): More terrible conditions for Bruce whilst in Indo.

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  1. that looks shit brucey....gimme 2ft snaps any day...


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