Friday, October 14, 2011

Surfs up.....Sometimes.....

(above): Jackson Gregory, now thats how you ride a Longboard.

Here comes the weekend and although no waves forecast for it the water is warming up with the air temp and the forecasts look good again.
A quick reminder that the 21st Cape Classic will be held next weekend with plenty of people heading and even "eloping" to that one. Entry forms available via this link
(above): Bruce Wilson enjoying his new Barron...Aboriginal Spray...

.. After the 4 day feast of waves last week we finally have some photos coming in so if you would like a copy of the 3 sessions from monday and tuesday last week... get in touch via contact page.
What else is happening,,,,?? Well ummmm the Nelson City Council has revoked its decision to build a skatepark at Stoke so lets see everyone band together to try get it built down at Tahunanui Beach in place of the old ramp.,...which no longer exists.
(above): Andy Riley wackin it...

Rumour Mill
An email from Spud Brown informs us that he is still alive and well residing in Christchurch and terrorising Sumner,,,Tim Gemmell shaped some great boards in his carpentry course so hopefully we see them in the water before he heads to France...CHristchurch import Tristan Yarrell has also bailed to head overseas to be with his wife in Brazil...Graeme Bird scoffs at shoulder pain to surf epic Snappers ...mysto Surfer Scott Edwards makes his first appearance in the water in 3months and even more mysteriously blows up spraying random punters in the face. .. Not to be outdone D.J comes out of the woodwork for his first surf in 10 years,,,,,, stranger than fiction I know but this is Nelson after all....
...oh and Frosty..... well, where is he?? Last seen pouring buckets of whitebait down his waders somewhere deep west.......
(above): D.J. -First surf in 10 years... not bad young son !!!!!
(above): Neil Tyson, forever young.
Check the photos page for some of the better shots from Bill and Tristan and keep checking it cause I have to decipher them from 5000 photos which is no easy task be assured..
(above):Blenheim Amper Hamish Simpson exposing finnage.
(above): Scott Edwards doing what he does best .......

Remember. for 5000 photos drop me a line and a disc..... thanks again.

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