Sunday, February 12, 2012

...but the internet said it was flat.

Isnt it amazing how our reliance on surf forecasting websites has left us just a little bit lazy in this technologically advanced world.
Gone are the days where people would make their own forecast via a bunch of squiggly lines on an isobar map, now its all just about graphs, wave energy, periods and ratings out of ten.
The photo above is an example of the reward you may find if you "just go".
just one of one days this week when there has been some sneaky swells lurking in Tasman Bay. For example, all be it on a SUP, Frosty surfed seven days straight this week.
(above): More sneaky surfing.
In other news Graeme "Birdy" Bird has just returned from scoring pumping waves in Samoa with his brother Bob, Mike Baker was seen bobbing around In Westport on his handgun.Whilst Conal Parkes also returned from an epic "solo-man" self finding surfing exhibition also in the Westport area.
On a sad note mid-march see's the departure of our long time Czech friends Vaclav and Idka Nic. This lovely couple heading back to the homeland to bring up their beautiful baby girl. Vaclav is looking for someone extra special to buy his crazy surfboard the one with a single and 4 or 5 or 6 other fins surrounding it.
Rory Dubienic and another mad guru were also seen surfing snappers in the full moonlight at 5:45am on wednesday morning, strange but true....
(above): Rachel Hills, killing it.
(above): Birdy, Savaii, Samoa.
Just about due for a club get together so lets hear of suggestions for venue and the like and get this party started. Hold your breath until next week because its probably gonna be flat until then................

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