Sunday, February 5, 2012

Strong Nelson Showing

The 30th Anniversary Go for gold surfing contest went down in awesome surf conditions at Cobden over the weekend with the Nelson Contingent competing well.
The first day saw near perfect 3ft Cobden with a few of our crew making semi-finals in divisions whilst the others missing out by the most narrowest of margins. Joe Leeper particularly unlucky needing a score of a mid 4 but time ran against him with sometimes lully sets.

(above): Marco "alofa" Edwards, smashing it.

Jackson Gregory surfed amazingly on Phil Stanton's old NSP shortboard (wtf?) In his junior heat but unluckily had a near impossible draw with current south island top 2 Cody mcCusker and Hugh Ritchie, posting 7's and 8 point rides. Liam Buttner also faced the wrath of the close judging calls missing out by o.3 pts on progressing to the semis in the juniors but the harshest decision of all fell against Jackson in the longboard semi-final missing out on making the final by 0.01pts........
Final standings for the boys below
Liam Buttner: 9th Juniors
Marco Edwards:6th Juniors,24th opens
Jackson Gregory:5th Longboards, 9th Juniors,
Mark Nichols: 17th opens,6th seniors
Joe Leeper: 17th Opens

(above): Joe Leeper laying down the law.
A massive special thanks to the sponsors who helped us out with travel costs including Hogeys Surf, Bruce Design and Build and R&R Sport,
(above): Jackson Gregory Swagger

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