Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally! Autumn leaves Waves!

Finally we have snapped out of the amoeba chain-linked high pressure run and slipped into some good old fashioned surf-city action. Tuesday saw the swell start to pulse with some desperado grovelling going down and by 6:45am wednesday morning there were three people in the lineup at Snappers in literal pitch black darkness with only the faint glow of the super-moon and city lights to guide them. The morning cranked with consistent pulsing 3-4ft waves and occasional bigger set and everyone was getting amongst it. The swell subsided in the afternoon and the crew wound down with some grovelly 1-2ft playful waves. Special mention must go to Richie Barry witnessed solo surfing at The Glen in some punchy slabbing tubes.... Thats about it for now and see you next swell, which is not too far away!!! yeeewww!!
(above): James Laird and Rob Holmes getting into some goodness.....

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