Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Waves and Mini Shoulda gone to Spec Savers

So some more waves tuesday and wednesday with a sneaky crew getting some super slick fun ones on tuesday somehow managing to luck the wind or therefore lack of it at a particular spot whilst the rest of Nelsons waves were deemed rather average and tuesday morning pumped with Bill Evans dusting off the camera and we eagerly await the results.
A mass exodus of punters at 830am proving theres still time to sneak a few in before work as one good wave is better than none!!!

 Local surfer and nice guy Jamie "Mini" Sumner lost his glasses this day at Snappers and would dearly hope that someone has found and can contact us and get am back to him as these things arent cheap and it sucks when you cant see anything im sure. Any help much appreciated. Thats all and we eagerly await the photos.
(above): Olin Pilcher snagging this gem under a threatening souwester....

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