Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its a long way to Taipahere

Anyone who has ever driven to French Pass will know that the road is not a kind one. Its like driving along the great wall of China, 5 times.To drive past French Pass is Mongolia... Sunday morning Blenheim's Mike Lindstrom and myself set out on an adventure of sorts to explore the exposed coast beyond the shadow of Durville Island basically driving to Picton from the wrong way!! We prepared ourselves the night before packing onboard drybags,flares,first aid you name it we had it. Travelling out of cellphone range brings you back to reality and reminds you that its back to basics when the mod-cons are not available. Heading via Jetski towards Taipahere Bay the wind was shocking and the rain felt as though it was tearing the flesh off our cheeks not to mention my hips dislocating and relocating bouncing across the chop. Eventually we reached our target but low and behold without putting on the tough guy story we were basically out of our league. We took a few photos , ate some nut bars and then tail between legs, slowly headed back to our launch point.
We all have an insatiable appetite for waves but this time we had bitten off a little more than we could chew, however the adventure was all part of the journey. Upon return we heard stories of classic Snappers and Delaware and even though these stung a bit we still felt satisfied in our gamble to think outside the square.
Its a long way to Taipahere.

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