Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Low that just wont Go!!!

Thats right people. That pesky low is still blobbing around just outside the bay and causing us the scrappy easterly flow. On the flipside it may or may have produced a little more swell and only those who go will know! Fun sessions earlier in the week with some good 6foot bombs rolling through Snappers on Monday however the Northeast wind tended to tear it a new one. Further up the road was more sheltered whilst around the hills was even more so cleverly cryptic. Heres a shot of glassy 4-5ft Snappers from monday morning in which I had the pleasure of surfing to myself for an hour and a half before the Noertheast came up and below its time for some good old fashioned rumour mill..........
Rumour Mill: Which evening this week saw a sneaky pulse in swell with just a few guys scoring fun 3ft Snappers in perfect conditions????>>>>>>Who is the Tasmanian Island resident who despite lacking any computer skills logs into Nelsonboardriders Blogsite almost daily and even talks about flying over just for a swell and really wanted me to mention him on here....??>>>>><>>>Which local surfer has started an intense training regime often seen doing push-ups in The Glen carpark or weightlifting his Doberman's above his head to the theme of Rocky then pulling into overhead death-slabs right on the bricks???...and lastly but not least....where are half of Nelson's surfers?? Afraid of coldwater much !!! Thats it, Love it, Hate it. live it !!!

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