Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heavier than Teahupoo??

An amazing Cable bay session going down this morning for those willing to make the drive and or hang around for more than 5 minutes as the sizey but sometimes lully swell filtered into the bay.
The small crew filled their boots with Olin Pilcher, Nigel Keeley and Mike Lindstrom on the inside whilst Ben Winmill, myself and Chris "Biggie"Biggam waited patiently for the outside bombs. Gary Miller finally found his form late in the session snagging a couple of connectors!!!
Photos snapped off when I got out of the water but stay tuned for more.......
I called the inside section  on a couple today "heavier than Teahupoo", and at 3 foot...... it probably is...
(above): Mikey Lindstrom on his way to the gas chamber.


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