Monday, August 5, 2013

A Change of Chart.

Time to pull the plug on your depression bath as the weather gods finally swing in our favour again. Its been a hard few weeks but it looks as though we are in for some swell again over the next couple of cycles. Some pretty desperate times late last week saw half a dozen guys on mals fighting for half a foot scraps at Snappers, it was definately cringe-worthy from the witness stand but for those amongst it was the 1983/84 Huntington Beach Pro assured!! A few crew have been getting away with FItzy, Blink, Stevo-Devo and Keni heard to be haunting Kahutara like cameo locals whilst folk like Gary Miller have been sticking it out west making the most of favourable West Coast winds. Rob Sheridan (pictured below) just got back from Devils Island, Samoa , claiming it was surreal and dream like whilst Jeremy Pooley has headed to Maylasia on a work then surf sabbatical. The days are getting longer by a good 10 minutes per week at the moment so force a smile and see you out there!!
(above): Ruby Bay Rob, not at Ruby Bay.

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