Monday, August 19, 2013

Snaps comes to Life

Last Saturday morning saw a long awaited North/Northwest groundswell filter into the bay after 6 weeks of hopeless smaller swells. Dropping a little from solid 4-5ft on dawn ( sounding even bigger earlier at 1am ) the swell stuck around  all day and even into Sunday with a small lucky crew reaping the rewards of having a look with flawless lines stacked to the back making Snappers turn very Trestles like.
(above): Bruce Wilson in full flight on a 7ft plus single fin.
On a darker smellier note, the sewerage ponds absolutely reeked and the water quality left a lot to be desired. 
Back to the brightside of life as Brian would have it there seems to be more swell on the way and maybe even noted is people being a little more courteous and communicating better in the water of late with calling themselves and others into waves with pre-set organization meaning everyones getting their share.
(above): Empty one goes spare.
A very long time between "club" get-togethers so be looking at organizing something in the coming month
a lot of newer faces and members keen to get involved and get some stuff done with the carpark at Snappers now sprting a trendy fence it would be great to get another base coat of gravel thrown down and some other ideas including the re-emegence of a night surfing session idea at The Glen have not gone unheard !! Stay tuned and see you in the water.
Photos: Jimmy Jay Wright     Copyright 2013

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