Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elder Speaks so you Listen

I have paid my subs so that means ground swells right?

Bigger days (6ft for me now) leave me a bit exhausted for a couple of daysafterwards but I'm OK after smaller days if I'm fit. I have heard 50 yrolds saying they're getting past it but I tell you, keep at it because I am 69 this year and having as much fun as anyone. And I'm not stopping
for a few years yet...
I am a bit isolated from surf beaches in the Sounds but.
Got a good wave at Kaikoura last week and looks good again for 2 or 3 daysnext week so will go down and camp a couple of nights.
I do a couple of surf, visit my daughter at Mahia trips per year which
gives me some variation with some Gissy waves as well.
Nelson seems to be the friendliest atmosphere.

RegardsDave Rothschild

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