Tuesday, February 4, 2014

..and the circus leaves town.

Aaaaaah thats right, yawn and stretch, breath a big sigh of relief as soon its time for all the holiday makers to leave town, heading home or back to school or whatever and leaving us poor  folk alone for yet another year of uncrowded waves.With no formidable swell forecast over the next week or so our flat spell will dissolve even the hardiest clingers-on . Sure it gets busy over summer but we all get rewarded again with the feeling of surfing the local breaks in the middle of the year with only a handful of guys out.
Remember theres always the east and west when the mouth starts to get dry.
(above): Somewhere south of Ward out east a couple of days ago. -photo:Jimmy Wright

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  1. eg: snappers yesterday, only a couple foot but only 3 or 4 guys out ;-) yeeeooowwww


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