Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get some Spring in your Step.

(above): Enigmatic, Richie Barry swoops into a heaving Snappers left.   -Photo: Bill Evans
Whilst the water temperatures sits precariously at its lowest point of the year, as the on and off snow falls then melts then falls again, rest assured, our days are finally getting longer. Surfable from 630am til 630 at night, the weekday working warriors now even have a little wriggle room at the end of each day to get amongst it.

(above): Poised for takeoff, Unknown backs himself to go right.   -photo:Bill Evans

A big congratulations to local surfer Gary Miller and his wife Jess on the birth of their little girl. Im sure Gary is looking forward to his first surf as a dad!! ( it always makes for more solid turns! ).

A fun little groundswell last week looks set to be backed up with another similar over the next few days and as long as the devil wind south easter stays off it we could be set for more ice water howlers.

See you in the source.

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