Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nelson being Nelson.

Another teaser of a groundswell over the last couple of days with only the occasional head high set in perfect conditions and long waiting periods between sets has left most people a little highly strung with the thought that even though its great to get waves  its almost worse to get marginal waves especially in those perfect conditions, A few people in the lineup spouting the words "worst swell season ever", which got me thinking.... Do we even have a swell season??, would we conclude April-October to be our swell "season"?? Is this the worst 'swell season' ever?? Or are we infact just being pining little moaners as infact, in reality its just Nelson being Nelson......... and so continues the love/hate relationship.
Food for thought, next week looks promising...... and so it goes again.

A late congratulation and apology for oversight to another local surfer Mr Wes Smith on the birth of his baby boy Toby!! Both Wes and Gary doing their part in sustaining Nelson's surfing populous.

See you next swell season.

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