Friday, April 8, 2016


I think the title sums it up folks. Not only did we run a fun surfevent alongside the free surfing we also had a massive turnout an awesome BBQ and Drinks  but the waves were absoloutely off the richter scale!! I hardly feel the energy to type about it as Im sure most of you were there anyhow but heres a couple of photos and the results of our club comp.
(above): Raefe Murray finding his inner most free surfer.
Official Results: OPEN 1st place Jackson Gregory, 2nd place Marco Edwards, 3rd place Ross Burdon 4th place Jeremy Pooley ..... LONGBOARD 1st place Ben Windpipe 2nd place Jackson Gregory ...tied 3rd place Geoff Noble Geoff Schuler .. OVER 40 1st place Rob Sheridan 2nd place Glen Aspin 3rd place Sam Dillon 4th place Graham Clark JUNIOR 1st place Zac Dillon. 2nd place Aulay Ferguson 3rd place Josh Sheridan 4th Place Emma Pegg .

Top: Zac Dillon    Centre: Event Winner Jackson Gregory and Bottom: Runner Up Marco Edwards

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