Saturday, April 16, 2016

Where Now?

So what does happen next after Nelson Boardriders pull off an epic club day competition in amazing waves? I think It might be a great start to think about the reasons why it all went down so smoothly and to once again embrace the place we live in affectionately known as "Surf City"..

As I type this we are going through what I like to call the wind-up stage where flat seas are upon us for at least another week so we are staring down the barrel of a near 20 day flat-spell. What this does to us as surfers?... it makes us crave waves... So naturally when those waves do arrive, everybody is buzzing. Its pretty hard to be agro in the surf when you're generally just happy to be getting wet.
During the flat spells its a great time to knuckle down and get some work done and one of my all time favourite quotes which was used in a Smorgasboarder Magazine a couple of years back.
"Nelson is the working mans Surf Town, but when the waves are On..... dont be caught working"

Anyway moving on..... the water temperature is about to fall rapidly with chilly mornings this last week but there is something to embrace in that chilly air whereby winds tend to stay calm and sea breezes become a past life kiteboarders fantasy. The crowds thin out as the grommets cant afford good wetsuits and people start thinking about other boarding careers up in the snowy white tops.

So, look forward to some waves not this weekend but next and maybe get away to the east and west before the temperatures there become, Unreasonable.

Winter....... Come at me.

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