Saturday, April 30, 2016

Grommet Surf Camp

On Anzac Day a couple of carloads of young Nelson surfers took off on an overnight trip to Kaikoura as part of an experiment/pilot trip to see the ins and outs of running a holiday surf camp programme in the near future, The waves were touch and go but we managed to surf Mangamanu/kahutara/Iron Gate, Sandy Bay all within the 36 hours we had on hand so we got a good variety of waves.
Big thanks to Trudie and Linda for providing the engine room for the trip and also a shout out to Vanessa Anderson for loaning us her big boss Kia wagon for the trip and also to Marcus and Lucy Langman for providing us the literal 5 star accommadation.
Anybody interested in helping out for the next trip get in contact cos we defiantely learned from our mistakes. We need a mini van we need more than overnighter, we need more adults/parents in the water and most of all we need your involvement!!

(above): Most enthusiastic grommet of the trip!! - Josh Sheridan - Kahutara... Photo:Trudie Pegg

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