Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rapid Fire Update

Ok people lets go..... So we had a mediocre swell last week but in saying that it was a semi game changer with the super low passing south of Australia we now look set to embrace some good old fashioned westerly systems which are  almost a forgotten thought after our ridiculous run of warm weather since last October.... What does this mean for us here in Surf City...?  It means more frequent swells but it also means more ugly winds so the punter has to think a bit more about life rather than just going to Schnappers....
Moving on .... Jimmy Jay Wright is back in the hood after a few months living in Kaikoura staring at whales tails Jimmy is holding steady for a few weeks before joining Colomba Dubienic who was last seen sporting a sifty bro-mo somewhere in Bali.
Missing in action man Gary Miller is back from injury laying down some solid hacks at Snaps last week showing that sometimes a few weeks out of the water is actually good for your surfing and aside from dead bodys in the Snappers carparks and Boats running aground on the Boulders that pretty much sums up life in Surf City at the moment, A quick reminder for those keen to join the club for the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic June 3 til 6th please express your interest now rather than later so we can organize travel and accommadation. Cheers Big Ears.

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