Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Local Surf Shop Versus The Internet.

After some friendly banter with a mate ironically "online" yesterday morning I thought It was time to add my 2cents worth. The Inertia surf-site published a story regarding the surf industry and how as surfers it kind of stands against most of the things that we actually stand for.. but with the Catch22 being that we actually rely on the industry for the production of boards/wetsuits legropes wax etc.
Basically it came down to the point that a lot of surfers nowadays use a surfshop as a changeroom to try something on and then go home and order it online from a surf retail website with names like hyperdude and backstitch (names contorted as not to be sued). All because they can save a few bucks but the reality is that this kind of retail therapy is actually killing the little guys/s on the street..
This is not new news I know, but just take the time to think about it next time you browse through a website for your next purchase. Wouldnt it suck if you couldnt go and buy a legrope, wax or fin on the same day as you needed it? Be sociable and  go visit your local surf/skate and kite outlet and spend that extra ten bucks. Stop bypassing the middle man and padding the pocket of the big corporation directly because eventually its gonna bite you in the ass.
Seen many surf magazines lately?.... me neither.

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