Monday, August 29, 2016

Swell Flurries and Crowdless Waves

Thats right folk, Weve had some fun sessions over the last week and there has been a big battle between the beloved surf forecasting sites whereby Swellmap completely dropped the ball not even forecasting last Thursdays swell then saved face by calling the following afternoons spike in swell but all in all it was the overlord Buoyweather that stole the show and put things exactly in place as they should be.....
The lesson in all of this is to check every piece of surf forecasting tools that you have cos if you keep lifting up those stones eventually you will uncover a swell. It is "Surf City" after all !!

In all seriousness we have had some amazing swell over the last 10 days and the crowd numbers have been super low to say the least, Of course this has nothing to do with internet forecast sites getting it wrong?,,, surely not. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw a while ago where a guy is sitting in his office looking at the computer screen in which the surf forecast says the surf is small and poor whilst meanwhile out the window across the road at the beach its pumping.
(above): Friday afternoon Snappers broke all through the high tide.

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