Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whats on the Menu?

Well folks over the next coming fortnight things are looking up in Surf City with back to back swells set to bless our springy shores, supersticiously thanks to Ben Windmill and his anti swell magnet ways. You see everytime poor old Ben leaves Nelson for any stint of time Nelson reigns swell supreme. Nevermind Benny-Boy Im sure its just coincidence and Im also sure the less fitter crew will appreciate a few more waves here and there !!
Jokes and truths aside we are definately looking forward to warmer winds and water.

In club news,we are looking at holding some kind of event mid to late October most likely a fun club day with club competition and BBQ with somewhere like Rabbit Island being an Ideal Locale for a family orientated day however there is also a whisper of a night surfing event at The Glen.... club secretary treasurer Trudie Pegg is on the hunt for club subs for those of you willing to chip in your annual 25 buck fee if you are not sure if you are due to pay or not please email Trudie at


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