Friday, February 17, 2017

Cry-Time Part 1: The Awakening

So, the Cape Classic surf event is on at the end of next week and unfortunately 3 or so of our boys cant make it due to Dazz's wedding but thats all good ( and big congrats to you Dazz hope it all goes off !!) . 
The point I wanna get across to people out there is that these events and there is only 4 of them a year are a congregation of  south island surfers meeting in one point and sharing the love of surfing. Its not about being a good surfer and winning.. its all about participating and enjoying sharing the lifestyle that we all embrace, hanging at the beach all day.
If it could be cross referenced it is exactly like a provincial rugby meet or a mountainbike event. Except... its surfing.
Now obviously Im not going to advertise a "free surf trip" to everyone because the catch is that you have to actually enter the event. The earlier the commitment to the event the more easier it is to raise funds and make it much , much easier on the pocket.
Im especially proud for Adan Saroka and Raef Murray both relative newbies to these events but a special pat on the back for putting their unforced hand up and saying "hey I will give this a go".

No.... it is not the only thing the club is about.... but its all part of it.

The forecast is for small clean and sunny west coast and we've even got free meat for the bbq all weekend thanks to James Fairbrass at Meat Solutions its just a shame that so many of you wont be joining us and I chose that word wisely.

Like..... a semi-free 3 day surf trip away (little bit of time off school/work) with awesome people from all over the South Island and likewise amazing surfing and waves. 
....No way man pass me my tin-foil hat

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  1. Hello iam lennard and 13. I have been surfing for this and a bit of last year. i am the only one in the family that surfs so its hard for me to catch a ride,like to west coast. I was also wondering what is the date of the event thanks


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