Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No Losers At Cape Classic

Tauranga Bay Westport didnt dissapoint over the weekend but its not often it does.

 Friday saw the first of the heats for everyone that went down.... Adan Soroka did well for his first comp but came up against some strong competition. Both Josh Sheridan, and Raul Venture got threw there heats easily. With Mark Nichols doing the same. 
Saturday saw a change of venue where Nine mile beach was doing its thing while T bay lay still for most of the day. First up for the morning was Emma Pegg in open womens followed by Raef Murray in...The Grandmasters..... where he was the last of the Nelson crew standing. 

By mid morning all the crew were free surfing and most of the support crew were in the water giving it a go. Sunday saw T Bay doing what it does best with The Grom series taking place. Emma Pegg placed 4th against some top talent for the day and the boys all getting threw to the finals.

(above): Emma Pegg surfing and  recieving 4th place in the Junior Comp on Sunday
 All in all it was an amazing weekend of good company, good waves and crazy good NBR surfers. Nelson Boardriders defiantly can step up and say we have some top surfs in our neck of the woods. So if your keen to join and want to give it a go it would be great to fill the bus on our next trip to paradise.....
On that note we'd like to thank Toby Wild for saucing the van from NMIT for us it was greatly apreciated. Thanks heaps to James Fairbrass for supplying us with meat all weekend. He is one of our top sponsors and we are very greatful for his support. (now all we need is to get him back on a board) And thanks to John at Hogeys for the wax. Also a big thank you to Rui Venture for the best photos taken. (love what you do) Also a big thanks to the Nelson peeps who came and checked out how everyone was going. Great to have your interest and support. (thanks Craig and Rebecca Leth, Toby and Bridget for your support and interest. Last but not least Ray at Bazils backpackers in Westport, always giving us a good deal on accomodation and looking out for us. Without these guys our trips and competitions would be that much harder to get up and running. So if you can support them in anyway please do so (what comes around goes around, right) Now we have a few more comps coming up. 

First off Emma Pegg has decided to go for it and enter the Womens Champs in Christchurch this weekend. so big ups to her for getting into it. If there is any other women keen to take it on entry closes this Thursday (message me if your keen and I'll give you contact details) Also The Duke Festival in New Brighton at the end of the month. Word has it our talented Artist Geoff Noble has got some seriously good art work on display over the time it runs from 16th-25th March. So if your down that way go take a look. Also word was Graham Clark, Geoff Noble and Ben Winpipe could be heading down to compete. Good to see Nelson guys taking part in what sounds like a great week/weekend. 
On another note if you know of any businesses that would be keen to help sponsor our next grom trip in April (date to come) we would greatly appreciate a helping hand. Without sponsors we are flying solo to get these kids/teenages/big kids to comps and while it can be done and is mainly done by parents or individuals, it would be great to see a surfing club in Nelson be acknowledged as a sport organisation where local businesses help support and help grow this crazy cool sport.

Trudie Pegg.

Secretary/Treasurer and all round Surf Mum to all  !!!

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