Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Less than Average.

(above): Its no secret, but it is a myth. over the hill round the way follow the yellow brick road.

Make no mistakes nor excuses Nelson Surflings the last 4 months basically since Cyclone Gita we have had an incredibly poor run. Lacklustre windswells and delapidating systems excite the senses upon approach only to dissipate upon arrival. Stare at the sky and question yourselves "what does it all mean" as we pass the shortest day of the year the truth lies plane to see.... ahem...
 Anyhow that one probably flew straight over the top of most peoples heads.

Ok, so what does it mean?..... It means one thing.  -Things can only get better.

The next sytem approaching may be the one we have been waiting for.... the trend bucker, the mover and shaker.... the pattern destroyer,

However it pans out........ you just never know your luck in Surf City.

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