Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December: The Month The Waves Came.

Hey there guys and long time no update and many apology due to the fact of locking myself out of my own google account which may have been a good thing as well as a bad thing!!
Rightio.... DECEMBER and wow what a start last weekend with just about every break in town pumping with one particular Saturday evening session going down at Snappers in the glassy 6 foot realm some calling "the best in 3 years"... I guess they mean since Cyclone Pam then?
Alas however Snappers was not the only place firing on all cyclinders and the gossip from round town is that Cable Bay was equally as good on the Saturday evening.
Just when you thought it was all over on monday it actually wasnt it was still a good 3foot down at Schnaps and only 5 or 6 crew onto it and then just to add insult to injury yesterday another swell appeared and today well. you guessed it,,,,,, there is still waves ,,,,
So December the 5th and 5 days in a row where it hasnt dropped below 3 feet.,(head high).
Not bad for a town with no waves.
So anybody seen this young lad around the lineup lately?
Dont worry you will.
Nelsonboardriders would like to welcome Tom and Dom to Surf City.
A father and son combo set to rival any Charlie Medina, Gabby mix it is great to have these guys move into town and give the nest a good ruffle, both these guys are incredibly accomplished surfers ,
young Tom finishing second in the under 14 U.K tour last year is no mean feat.
I am personally also a little excited to see this young lad wipe some smirks off some faces of some more prominent South Island Clubs over the next calendar year. No Pressure tho Tommy !!
Also a shout out to Surf Mum Sara who waits patiently on the beach while the boys put on the show.

SO anyways...... its been pumping, it still is kinda pumping by Nelson standards so lets get out there and celebrate the warm water and waves !!

Oh and best of luck to Josh Sheridan and Tom on their strike mission to westport for the first of the SOuth Island Grom Series events this weekend!!!   Smash it up boys !!

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