Thursday, April 28, 2011

Froth Dogs Predictions.

" Froth Dog's senses are tingling - Extreme Frothiness warning - expect Intense beard of froth to grow over next couple of days ""

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around the Grounds.

(above): Nelson Boys , Jimmy mack, Nick Morris, Rory and mate

Are you tired of waking to find only 1-2ft grovel? Do you feel frustrated after surfing small waves which leave you feeling unfullfilled? Well there are now two remedies, which are, (1)either leave Nelson or (2) Stick around because "next week" is gonna pump right???...... aaahhh the line we live by ,gotta love it!!!

So straight into it I have got my hands on some photos of the Grommets bus trip to Blentown, Kaiks and beyond and also a couple of snippets from a debaucherous west coast trip on good friday,,,, If it wasnt so good it would have been bad.
(above):Marco Edwards- high speed hack

(above): Jackson Gregory , slip-streaming.

Rumour Mill: >>
...>>>Which two guys scored pumping slabs right in the heart of town last saturday while everyone either grovelled The Glen, or stayed home crying that it was cold and onshore??>>>>Who drove straight from Christchurch to Snappers point in the middle of the night only to Arrive early Sunday morning to 1ft onshore Snappers???>>> How come no one else has seen the or a shark???>>>>Who is the local bodyboarder who has taken up stand-up surfing a month or so ago and has now overtaken his mates who have been trying for 2 years???, watch this space.>>>>>> Which Richmond surfer drove to Snappers early monday morning and didnt wait for a set driving home thinking it was flat while some of us surfed for 4 hours......and last but not least who is the local surfer seen in the wee hours of the morning eating lollies and listening to Leanord Cohen............ The truth is out there.....
(above): Marco laying some rail at Meatworks.

Quotes of the Week:
>>>>"I did not come on this road trip to smell your ass">>>>"I checked it this morning it looked small">>>>>"Whats this texting everyone to tell them the surfs on"-replied with- "your the one on the paddleboard"....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone and let all of those who decided to stay in town be blessed as there is a 2ft swell on the rise with things looking great for the next 48hours!!
Last weekend saw everyone hangin themselves out to dry waiting for a swell which hardly eventuated then at the last minute when everyone had just about given up on it kicked on the sunday morning at 3-4ft but super hightides left everyone even more frustrated.Cj Barton, Mike Baker and myself shot the gap and headed over to Whangamoa to surf some beachies and were later joined by paulo Devia and Vaclav Nic from Columbia and Checkoslavakia respectively with Paulo coming a cropper on the notorious "Scar Reef" or "Two Ducks" reef point meeting the rocks and coming off second best.There was a shark attack the previous afternoon at Snappers check the story here but from a distance it seems the poor shark was only defending its territory from invading North Islanders.
(above):L-R Cj Barton, Captain Underpants, Paulo Devia and Vaclac Nic on the road to nowhere.

It is school holidays and the grommets are out and about with Jackson Gregory loading up his bus with a crew and heading over the east coast last week scoring exceptionally good waves in both Blenheim and Kaikoura. ALthough I am still waiting for the photographic evidence of said waves!!
Be sure to check out the Buy Sell area of the site as things are starting to move and thats about all, nice one, see you later , Ciao!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

NEW!! - Surf, Buy, SeLL!!!....

After numerous requests Ive finally created a page where all us local boys and girls can pawn off our no longer needed surf gears or look for something or swap.Those who remember the old site there used to be a buy,sell swap area there. So please email your lists of goodies to nelsonboardiders at hotmail dot com and will be sure to publish them asap... Now thats networking !!! Oh and anyone who has a never ridden before mR twin-fin I would love to swap it for Scottys old bodyboard...chur.!!
Link to new page up the top there somewhere!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bruce's Bits !

Bruce's Bits: When hes not dressing up floppy-eared bunny rabbits and tucking them into dollys beds Bruce likes to head down the west coast and hook into some of those mysto rivermouths between Greymouth and westport below and above is some of photographic evidence....

Rumour Mill: >>>> Who is the local surfer due to turn 40 in May and is gonna chuck a big party with all Nelson Boardriders invited???>>>>Who were the lucky few to yet again score waves whilst everyone else thought it was onshore???>>>>>>Nelson surf once again turned on the shit-tap for a Jono Harris visit>>>>> How come the back bar at Tahunanui is possibly the best place to ride a SuP in the world yet only a couple of part time suP riders surf it?? and last but not least what newly found boardriders club turn around and throw it in the face of the guy who bought surfing back into the mainstream in their town??? Had to be said boys... had to be said......

BBR Final Club Comp: Buller Boardriders are holding their final club comp of the season on saturday the 16th April in Westport and invite all nelson Crew to come join in the fun for a small entry fee of 5 bucks per head.. Ant Hema the classic quote master pulling out all stops with lines like "This is the Final Showdown" . Once again everyone invited for the day and lets hope in final showdown style its a "Backdoor shootout" at nine mile.

Thanks again

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