Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resting Period!!

(above):Russ Bruce as always...devastating.

As the title suggests we have almost had a little too much surf in the last few weeks if there ever is such a thing with most of us feeling a little sore, stiff and tired from surfing our absolute hearts out as we know in Nelson, you definately have to make hay while the sun shines...
Various sessions at Snappers, too many to be counted have been documentated by our beloved photographer Bill Evans with a disc produced detailing these days between the 3rd and 12th of May... if you would like a copy of this disk because if you surfed these days you are most likly captured then please contact nelsonboardriders at hotmail dot com to arrange a copy.

(above): Tak'e"San" Maeda and Jimmy Mack's Snap attack...

Keni Duke's big 40th bash was a great success with great food and great stories with Scotty Edwards keeping everyone captivated with his magic tricks. Olin's kai-moana had everyone shucking and the dancefloor was later lit up by Linda, Sinead and Kenis revival of Boney-M's classics.
(above): James"Laff"Laird's speed float.

Rest up folks, and get some work done because as we know in surf city.. the next swell is always just around the corner.......

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaikoura Coldwater Classic.

Hi guys and yep its that time of the year again with the Annual Kaikoura COldwater Classic surfing competition set to roll on June 3rd-5th (Queens Bday weekend).
An early heads up and an encouragement for all Nelson crew keen to compete and/or head down to spectate. A common assumption is that you have to be a pro surfer to compete which is not the case at all with guys and girls of all different abilities getting in there and giving it a go. Its great self-discipline for your own surfing and you always come out of it with an enlightened mindset plus its great to see the level of surfing out there in the big south.
Entry forms will be made available soon through the SISA website and for anyone whos half keen and would like more info whether it be for competing or spectating feel free to contact.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Through the Roof !!!

A quick 1,2 sequence of Brandon Kingi going through the roof at solid Snappers....
Photos: Bill Evans

Whats really goin' on.

(above):Andy Riley, Swagger in Motion.
SO, photos, photos and more photos. Its raining visual entertainment!!!
Sunday , sunday saw the mothers day/ girls surf day go off at Tahunanui Beach with a solid 3ft swell pulsing in whilst elsewhere, well.... where do I start??
(above): Scotty Edwards, loving life.

(above): Whats really goin on.

Scotty Edwards, Dean Briggs, Andy Riley and Uncle Chop-Chop all headed over the way and scored at a location that is often frowned upon as not really a wave but nontheless the boys managed to get a couple in. Whilst the hardy crew tackled Snappers at a chunky 6 foot.
(above): Scotty sratchin that record.

The next morning saw a beautiful leftover swell in th 3ft range forcing many to be late for work and school.
Heaps of photos to come so stay tuned.
(above) TrB's Briggsy forgetting all about Kahuna's
(above) Happy happy Joy Joy.

*All photos courtesy of Raefe Murray... Legend Raefe. Legend.....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Day/ Girls Surf Day!!!!!

Hi Everyone!! Tommorow is Mothers Day and Cindy Mosey has organised a Mothers and Girls surf day down at Tahuna Beach meeting at the Statue at 10:30am !!!
This is a fun day designed for the mums and girls who dont get into the water much and/or would like to try and give it a go and everyone is invited.
Any husbands/partners with spare boards are encouraged to loan and we look forward to seeing everyone there.
For further info please phone: Cindy 9295501 or Mark 5465062

Go Girl Power !!!

New Winter Rubber !!

New winter rubber has arrived at Hogeys in Hardy St with Billabong and Oneill wetsuits gloves, booties and hoods all ready and waiting to sooth that winter chill plus for the remainder of May all Nelson Boardriders club memebers recieve a massive 30% discount on these items and if you take a 600buck wetsuit into account then thats incredibly generous so get your freezing butts and there and get Rubbered Up!!!!!

*proof of membership may be required!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Wrap.

So we all got excited for the monday/tuesday predicted swell and once again swellmap let us down 12 hours out, constantly changing its forecast over the 2 days making me wonder the validity of such sites if they can change their "mind"" somewhat restoratively or hindsightedly within 6hours of real time. I mean what is the point??
Monday saw a nice yet inconsistent 2-3ft swell rolling in shared by a few luckys in the middle of the day becoming much crowded for the amount of waves later. Then
come Tuesday saw a boost in swell with some guys stepping out of the picture and recieving heaving shacks over at Whangamoa Bar, word has it was breaking like Hossegor in France....

A couple of photos above and below from Bill Evans of the only real standout surfer of the swell, Rachel Hills. Taking it apart. You go girl!!!
i have 27minutes of footage from tuesday afternoon if anyone wants a copy and about 600 photos all courtesy of Bill so hit me up if you want copies...

Keni Duke's big birthday bash is coming up soon so look out for that one ,,, its gonna be hella-fat.

Catchya Next Swell...

Swell Season On !!!

(above) TuaraWhati in all its Glory. Just like that. The flick of a switch. Four days in a row of waves and at least 2 more systems on ...