Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shapers to Visit Surf-City.

A heads up that Christchurch shaper Paul Barron and legendary Hawaiian shaper Gordon Hansen will be travelling through Nelson roughly around the 20th of November upon their return from their Demo tour of the North Island. Hopefully coincinding with a Nelson swell but we all know how hard that can be!!!
Will throw down a BBQ while theyre here so current Barron riders and those interested can come along have a chat and check out some of the demo boards .

Friday, October 26, 2012

Your Say?

Got stories,views and perspectives that you'd like to share.
Please get involved and send in what you got!!  Also, in the works is a t-shirt design
for club members. Using the below logo have a play around if your keen!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo of the Week

A couple of likely Nelson Lads and friend cutting shades in sifty Balinese Bars.

Rabeyes only for you.

 Howdy everyone and thank god that short week is over !!!!!!
A mysterious low is lurking somewhere out there....will it provide swell is the question on everyones lips.
Even more mysterious would be the spike in swell late Monday Labour day which saw a few  lucky crew scoring empty Snappers and Dbay.
Water temps have increased dramatically over the last week leaving many sweating in their winter suits and
the club/contact page has been updated with an amended member list.
A few random shots from a couple weekends ago at Rabbit Island and thats about it.....
(above): With an extra 5kg on your ribs, this could be you.

(above): Unknown Soldier about to battle the end section.

(above): Tomas Ogilivie, Colm Dubienic and Connor Haines,
Nelson's next generation modelling womens wetsuits.


Rob Sheridan just recently spent a couple of weeks in Vicco and sent this shot in of Cathedrals
pumping in 29 degree air temp and 9 guys out.

Bang for your Buck, Castles and more of the Same

...coming soon

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Warrior Heaven

Saturday morning I found myself sitting in a boat heading to an undisclosed location chatting about the possibilities of a solid groundswell the following morning. Huey the god of surf did not let us down with clean and solid 4-6ft lines rolling into the bay come sunday dawn. Schnappers (note spelling: Scotty) was the place to be seen at dawn with just about every man and his dog vying for dominance amongst the flooding tide which eventually succeeded everyone forcing those in the know to Cable Bay. Jonothan Harris, well known west coast goofy-footer was amongst the cable crew alongside a couple of Kaikoura boys, Scott Edwards and the effervescent born again grommet trio of Keni Duke, Barry Fitz and Stephen Blenkiron. Richie Barry also threaded a few gems under the nose of the hasslers. While just around the corner a local guy surfed thundering hightide beachies all to his lonesome.
Now whilst all this was happening, Rabbit Island was throwing down some fun 2-3ft gems with one count revealing 26 surfers of all abilities spread across the never ending stretch of sand. Our car load of grommets checked Ruby Bay at first light but saw Toby Wild entering the water on his SUP and we knew we were no match. Nelson's full of waves, and sometimes surfers, yet the secret is to think outside the square. . Still in the hunt for some photos from the weekend so send em in to and share the wealth!!! Cheers.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just when you thought it was over!!

Just as you were beginning to think our phenomenal swell run of late was starting to wither along comes Huey the great god of surf with a back to back gift from Nelson weather map gold. Not one, but two deep lows are hatching off the southern NSW coast over the next week guaranteed to bring us more swell and more wet weather. Why wouldnt you be frothing?? (above): Random Frother making the most out of average Snappers ,filmed by Scott Edwards

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Club Subs?

Hogeys surf offers generous discount to all paying club members. It seems a few people have been flaunting this privelege so we are collaborating a list of current members which will be kept instore so if you're not paid up then you dont get the discount !! Makes sense huh !!!! Email nelsonboardriders@ hotmail dot com if you'd like to contribute and otherwise please dont say your a member if you're not!!!
A big thankyou to all current members for your contribution and for details of club transactions/balances etc feel free to ask !!!

Happy Daylight Savings!!

Okay so all you celebrating your extra hour in the evening spare a thought for those of us that like to get up before the sun!!!! Like Ben Winmill and myself scoring perfect chest high sandbar lefts at 630am Monday morning under the full moon !!! Theres something awesome about returning home before 9am already having a surf under your belt so lets hurry up the day stretching already !!!
-A noteable rise in water temp this week also with a rough guess probably putting it at 15 degrees however a dump of snow monday night may slow this process. School holidays are upon us and the summery daytime temperatures are giving us something to smile about. Never fear the swell run stopping as we see a big west norwest wind blast swell moving in for the weekend and predictions of a deep low developing right in "the slot" early next week have got a few people trembling in their own froth with rumours even of the return of the elusive Froth-Dog. !!! The Cape Classic surfing competition in Westport is set once again to go down on Labour Weekend at Tauranga Bay in Westport (Oct 20-22) and for those of you keen to hook up with a Nelson "team" make sure you get involved by the end of this week as positions are closing team wise and with great help from Sponsors like Bruce Design&Build and Hogeys Surf , theres no excuses!!!! ( see SISA site below for more info and contact Nelsonboardriders @ hotmail for more info) Thats it from me. See you in the tube... me looking out!!!

Disorganised Chaos Prevails

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