Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mr Sharky Says Hello At The Glen

I was pretty impressed to see this guy caught and released at The Glen today. Felt a bit sorry for the big fish but the guys put in a well deserved fight to land him. Moral of the story.... dont surf The Glen, full of sharks!!

Summer 05'- Snappers segment.

At the end of January will see the 10 year anniversary of this site and present day Nelson Boardriders. CRAZY

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Respect the Tee-Pee

Can you put something in the Boardriders site about looking after the Tepee please? Ive just come back from there and taken home a ton of rubbish people have left inside - 15 empty beer bottles, two bags of uneaten marshmallows, candles, plastic bottles and other shit. I have left a sign in there asking people not to light fires inside and not to leave their rubbish behind. If they keep lighting fires DOC will pull it down for sure because of the BBanks World Heritage status. I know this stuff is bound to happen with low-lifes and dickheads using it along with other, more thoughtful and aware people, but if surfers at least can respect it and ask other people to as well, that would be a start aye. Thanks Bud, nice to see you guys today! Happy Christmas! The surf wasnt quite big enough to get me in there, but it was close, lol! -Mike

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Roast Part I

Ok lets start this thing...... >>>Not sure what board to ride? Why not have a multiple board quiver, that way you can look great in the carpark while discussing to others the importance of the right coloured matching fins but in the back of your mind you are left in total confusement as to what board actually works for you..........>>> Feeling Cold??, why not wear a hooded vest in the middle of summer......Did someone say facial hair?, grow it, I mean how else are you gonna look like one of the characters from Lords of Dogtown or fit in at the local Cawthron..... Stand on the Boulder Bank discussing how small the swell is but once the swell gets over 3 foot you are nowhere to be seen. Setup a boardriders blog and remain in a surf-less town just so you can feel like you are one of the Alpha-males in the local surf community whilst the rest of your past and present surfing mates live in Indo, Aussie or elsewhere, and if you really cant stand the water temperature in Dunedin then move to Nelson that way you hardly have to go surfing and when you do you can wear that hood mentioned above just so you dont get too homesick. Fake a shoulder injury, thats one of the best ways to totally avoid surfing contact when you really feel like retiring to tramadol, red wine and Tom Waits vinyls for 6months.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin.

So.... unless youve had your head buried in the sand or been so busy you dont know whether you are Arthur or Martha it seems we are in for a decent run of swell heading up to Xmas.
multiple systems starting to align with even the chance of waves Christmas Day which believe it or not ... happens more often than not.!!!  A special Christmas Message update to be compiled at the end of the week so stay tuned because if you feel like being offended there is an annual "Roasting" of just about everyone and remember if you cant have a laugh at yourself then, who can you laugh at..... dont say you havent been warned but remember,,,, all light-hearted humour and names will be left out to provide those with sufficient paranoia to fill in the gaps.. wink wink nudge nudge... let it begin!!!
Cheers for tuning in and look forward to the best waves in over 6 months heading our way shortly!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mega Low No More

It is with great regret that all our hopes and dreams of a super storm in the Tasman next week have been crushed with one brutal 6 hourly forecast shift.  A lesson in pining over 7day charts or a mere glitch in the models?...only time will tell but remember, old school chart reading rules over wave forecasting models every time. Chin Up.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Zac - Attack

A warning to all Nelson surfers... there is a rabid-grommet on the loose at the Glen , heading out every second day on any kind of swell and his ability is escalating. Meet Zac Dillon, he's out there catching everything in sight while most of you are scratching your gnads staring lovingly at swellmap.
At 14 years old this kid is Nelson's performance surfing future and you heard it first here but you are still a pussy over 2ft Zac .... Go Grommet Go !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

And The Sea Will Tell

The end of the  year is winding down and one of the most significant low pressure areas since Easter's Cyclone Ita still remains lingering off Australias east coast.So, when will it make its move across the Tasman Sea?? This is the question...Can you feel the suspense? I certainly can! Looking ridiculously like 2011's December storm we look set to finally get some rain but lets hope not too much at once. There has been way too much quiet times surf wise, and there is only so many 1 to 2ft windswells a person can handle before they retire to extra-curricular activities such as wind-wanking and professional beer drinking. Everyone is congregating on Nelson from far and wide for the silly season and you can bet the next swell will be met with insanely larger crowd numbers and equal enthusiasm like never seen before.
Its a love/hate time of year for surf-city and I cant wait to see you all out there in the most ridiculously crowded and pumping sessions!!! Bring it On!!

Disorganised Chaos Prevails

The title says it all...... what all surfers despise the most is organisation - which is why it has taken me 14 years to realise what the N...