Sunday, November 5, 2017

Whoa Snap Out of It !!!

Whoah, steady there horsies!!.... What is all this summertime shenanigans thats been going on lately where we all just laze around in the sun working our butts off all day and never get rained off!??!! Sure it is great for padding the pocket but I for one am absolutely sick of it !!! Lucky for us then we have a sicko low charging across the Tasman so make sure you dont get caught with your chin down and bum up as this looks set to be a cracker.... So, for now celebrate this sunny monday and get your vitamin D fix cos she's all about to go down hill fast ,
"Nelson, the working mans surf town...but when the surf is on,,, dont you get caught working !! "
See you out there !!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Put a Spring in your Step!! - President Notes.

Rightio Surf City Surflings - Hibernation period Over !!!
Incase you hadn't noticed the seasons are-a-changing. The days are getting longer and dare I say it...... the water temperature seems to be on the rise perhaps a little. Looking into the steamy crystal ball It would seem our consistent run of swell is by no means over as we have 2 approaching systems over the next week and looking further out a perhaps an aussie ECL ( east coast low) on the brew also.

What does all of this mean for Nelson Boardriders as a club?
Well it means its time to start cranking it back up again. The club now has its own gazebo and BBQ and I would envisage another club day in the second half of September. Whether it be at Snappers or The Glen or even a more family orientated day at Rabeyes will all basically come down to forecast.

After that and as the water warms up we would definately start looking at some learn to surf days at Rabbit Island and Tahunanui when conditions suited to try and encourage kids and parents and anyone who has ever wanted to give surfing a go to get out there and Do It.

First weekend in September sees Raul Ventura and Emma Pegg head down to Westport to join the Tasman Scholastic Surf Team for a training weekend and the Team will travel to Gizzy later in the year for the National Scholastics so its great to have these guys repping Nelson.
-Glenduan born and raised Ross Burdon is now residing back in Nelson full time which is awesome and our beloved SUP guy Michael Frost his about to start his whitebait Hiatus so a big welcome home to Normy and a nice aurevoir for Frosty.

Now Go - Get your Kit ready, Waves Very Soon.


Friday, August 4, 2017

If there was a problem Yo' ill solve it.

Check out my hook whilst the Dj Revolves....... Ahem*

A bit of spite going down in one of our carparks last swell I hear. All in regard to catching waves.
Its all a bit silly if you step away and look at it from the outside but if youre right in the mix of it then yes of course it can be pretty annoying if someone repeatedly catches the best wave in every set..every time....

What can be done about it?... Well you could just drop in but then you become just as bad as the person hogging all the waves or do you?...also this can be dangerous especially if theyre riding rather large equipment be it a mini-mal, sup, or mal. You could just surf somewhere else?.... but you shouldnt have to

A little bit of communication can go a long way, and from my own point of you its like this.
It is not a lunchline, If you want the best wave in every set you have to be right up there as the start of that line where the wave first breaks. You cant sit on the shoulder and complain you arent getting any waves cos thats like standing on the sidelines at a rugby game complaing you didnt get a try.
As they do in Indonesia,, emply the take turns method.
If old mate hasnt had a wave for a while then encourage him onto one.

Sharing is caring people. If you want waves to yourself then dont surf the most crowded break in town. Its that easy.

Have a great week in the water.

*note: this is all my opinion only (below): Float the Boater
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Town that Keeps you Guessing.

So a rather large weather system and associated swell on the way into Surf City over the next couple of days folks and the best part of it is none of us really know exactly where its going to be good because that is the beauty of surfing in Nelson... and surfing in general.
 No one really knows until the new day dawns.  "Super-succeptable" to tides, and with "micro-climatic" wind changes, you never know whats around the corner, and when that window of oppurtunity is about to open so you have to be absolutely on the ball.
 When its time for the ball to drop..... you better be quick to catch.

Latest forecast: Big and Onshore, All weekend.

Have a goodie.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Queens Bidet'

(above): James Laird. Evo-Lution
Whats Happening this Long Weekend??
Lots infact...... Heeeeeaps!!
First up is the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic starting Friday and Finishing Sunday.
The Nelson team heading down consisting of Raul Ventura, Josh Sheridan, David Pons, Emma Pegg , Sam Dillon and Rachel Clark and Leen Von Edenburgh,
I personally wish this lot the best time as unfortunately I wont be joining them this year,

Secondly, Nelsonboardriders T's and Hoodies look amazing, thanks heaps to Trudie Pegg for organizing everything and after dealing with the club stuff on my own for the last decade or so its great for someone else to come along and realise just how unorganized us surfers are like ,,,,
How many times do you actually have to ask what is the club account number???.....

Last but not least I will hopefully pick up a disc from Bill Evans today which contains images from a super session that went down at Snappers a couple weeks back now at the same time the below goPro footage was caught.
Copies of this disc will be available for 5 bux a piece with money going back into club account which you all know the number of by now!!!

The weekend forecast looks amazing weather wise so get out and enjoy it!

Peace Haoles.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fear and Loathing in Quake-Vegas


Ok everyone, revamped membership details
(above): Ashton Cooley, not even a teenager yet and breathing down your neck !!

Adults - $25 per year
Kids U14 - $15 per year
Family of 4 (2A2C) - $50 per year, additional kids $10 per year
Membership will be for the year - until December each year, so fees due January (pay now if you haven't already) each year.
Fees need to be paid before the comp next weekend if possible

01-0702-0238590-00 - use your name as reference
Being a paid member will entitle you to:
Nelson Boardriders stickers
Access to Nelson Boardriders Facebook and Instagram pages (these pages will very soon become for Nelson or Buller Boardriders members or founding members only)
Club Fun days
Contributions for comp entries outside Nelson
Entry to Nelson Club Comps (3 per year) in one division
We are currently working on new T-Shirts and Hoodies - these will not be included in your subs, but we will keep the cost to a minimum, and will be asking for orders soon - watch this space!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crystal Ball Never Quite Crystal.- All is Swell that Ends Swell

The impending storm approaches. From 3 days out the anxiety amounts and by the time the waves finally arrive you're a deflated ball of adrenaline defeated mess.......... sound familiar?
This is Exactly why and how 'Surf City' Nelson gets its claws in.....

Adding to this are the forecast changes every 6 hours and to use this morning as a perfect example.

-All surf forecast models have downgraded this swell system as below 0.5 of a metre.

Buoyweather even has the swell at 5metres from the east .....infact.... Buoyweather even has the swell at 3 metres from the east in the middle of the Marlborough Sounds.

If you hadnt lived here for more than five years, nor if you were new-comer this information would be telling you pretty straight up that it is howling offshore and there will not be any waves in the next 48hours.

Perhaps thats it. No waves....

The problem with today's technology as far as surf forecasting goes and probably in all honesty a really great benefit to us is that... Surf City is its own entity.

Grommets and New Comers Alike....,... Strip It all back to the pre-internet days.. listen to coastal marine forecasts, put your finger to the wind and your protractor to the chart cos' only fundamental knoweledge of weather can help you now....

Hey hang a minute its been raining heavily since 2am but said no rain until this afternoon????

Boo- Bloody- Hoo.

Surf City Nelson - "Keeping it unique since 0.3m actually meant something entirely different......."

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mini Meetings and Findings.

Just thought I should share a bit of my findings over the past few days in regard to the Nelsonboardriders surf club.

Basically, surfers are non-fuss people and organizing a surf club is a  bit like trying to get the lead singer of a grunge band to wear a suit.
We had a little bit of a get together friday evening and things such as "blanket sponsor" and "make the club bigger and better" were some focus topics and whilst all this sounded great after speaking to a great friend and business mentor yesterday I was eluded to the point of........why !!??
The quote was "dont set yourself up for a fall"... and then the old fashioned, if its not broken dont fix it came about.

I was then made aware that people love the club for what it is, GrassRoots.
The problem we face is having some play money to do projects with.. but then this friend of mine posed another question and the bizarre thing was that I had no answer to it,.,,

The question was "If I gave the club 100k" what would you do with it??
... I had no answer.... because I didnt know....

Pop up gazebo for shitty weather snappers for the mums and the spectators was about it,,,,
Basically a shipping container in the carpark with all our shit in it....

This is where I hand the microphone over to you guys...

Please email with your thoughts and feelings...



President- Nelsonboardriders Surf Club

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Froth-Dogs' Predicitons:

Froth-Dog's Predictions: 

"All shall stay quiet for now in the town they call heaven,,,, turn off until the future of March 27"

Monday, March 6, 2017

Here comes the Cooler Times !!

Just a heads up that the US branded Body Glove suits are available via
Have a browse thru and ask via the club how you might be able to get special coupon deals from time to time,,,,, many thanks

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No Losers At Cape Classic

Tauranga Bay Westport didnt dissapoint over the weekend but its not often it does.

 Friday saw the first of the heats for everyone that went down.... Adan Soroka did well for his first comp but came up against some strong competition. Both Josh Sheridan, and Raul Venture got threw there heats easily. With Mark Nichols doing the same. 
Saturday saw a change of venue where Nine mile beach was doing its thing while T bay lay still for most of the day. First up for the morning was Emma Pegg in open womens followed by Raef Murray in...The Grandmasters..... where he was the last of the Nelson crew standing. 

By mid morning all the crew were free surfing and most of the support crew were in the water giving it a go. Sunday saw T Bay doing what it does best with The Grom series taking place. Emma Pegg placed 4th against some top talent for the day and the boys all getting threw to the finals.

(above): Emma Pegg surfing and  recieving 4th place in the Junior Comp on Sunday
 All in all it was an amazing weekend of good company, good waves and crazy good NBR surfers. Nelson Boardriders defiantly can step up and say we have some top surfs in our neck of the woods. So if your keen to join and want to give it a go it would be great to fill the bus on our next trip to paradise.....
On that note we'd like to thank Toby Wild for saucing the van from NMIT for us it was greatly apreciated. Thanks heaps to James Fairbrass for supplying us with meat all weekend. He is one of our top sponsors and we are very greatful for his support. (now all we need is to get him back on a board) And thanks to John at Hogeys for the wax. Also a big thank you to Rui Venture for the best photos taken. (love what you do) Also a big thanks to the Nelson peeps who came and checked out how everyone was going. Great to have your interest and support. (thanks Craig and Rebecca Leth, Toby and Bridget for your support and interest. Last but not least Ray at Bazils backpackers in Westport, always giving us a good deal on accomodation and looking out for us. Without these guys our trips and competitions would be that much harder to get up and running. So if you can support them in anyway please do so (what comes around goes around, right) Now we have a few more comps coming up. 

First off Emma Pegg has decided to go for it and enter the Womens Champs in Christchurch this weekend. so big ups to her for getting into it. If there is any other women keen to take it on entry closes this Thursday (message me if your keen and I'll give you contact details) Also The Duke Festival in New Brighton at the end of the month. Word has it our talented Artist Geoff Noble has got some seriously good art work on display over the time it runs from 16th-25th March. So if your down that way go take a look. Also word was Graham Clark, Geoff Noble and Ben Winpipe could be heading down to compete. Good to see Nelson guys taking part in what sounds like a great week/weekend. 
On another note if you know of any businesses that would be keen to help sponsor our next grom trip in April (date to come) we would greatly appreciate a helping hand. Without sponsors we are flying solo to get these kids/teenages/big kids to comps and while it can be done and is mainly done by parents or individuals, it would be great to see a surfing club in Nelson be acknowledged as a sport organisation where local businesses help support and help grow this crazy cool sport.

Trudie Pegg.

Secretary/Treasurer and all round Surf Mum to all  !!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Cry-Time Part 1: The Awakening

So, the Cape Classic surf event is on at the end of next week and unfortunately 3 or so of our boys cant make it due to Dazz's wedding but thats all good ( and big congrats to you Dazz hope it all goes off !!) . 
The point I wanna get across to people out there is that these events and there is only 4 of them a year are a congregation of  south island surfers meeting in one point and sharing the love of surfing. Its not about being a good surfer and winning.. its all about participating and enjoying sharing the lifestyle that we all embrace, hanging at the beach all day.
If it could be cross referenced it is exactly like a provincial rugby meet or a mountainbike event. Except... its surfing.
Now obviously Im not going to advertise a "free surf trip" to everyone because the catch is that you have to actually enter the event. The earlier the commitment to the event the more easier it is to raise funds and make it much , much easier on the pocket.
Im especially proud for Adan Saroka and Raef Murray both relative newbies to these events but a special pat on the back for putting their unforced hand up and saying "hey I will give this a go".

No.... it is not the only thing the club is about.... but its all part of it.

The forecast is for small clean and sunny west coast and we've even got free meat for the bbq all weekend thanks to James Fairbrass at Meat Solutions its just a shame that so many of you wont be joining us and I chose that word wisely.

Like..... a semi-free 3 day surf trip away (little bit of time off school/work) with awesome people from all over the South Island and likewise amazing surfing and waves. 
....No way man pass me my tin-foil hat

Monday, February 6, 2017

Remove the Hype: Actually Find the Break

Post quake rumours of "new surf breaks" were abundant just after the Kaikoura earthquake(s).
Little did myself and Russell Bruce know that a failed mission to a hard to access surf location just north of Kaikoura would turn into a discovery of something very new and exciting on the way home.
Curiosity is a cat killer and Russ and I had both gone through the bi-polar frothing emotions the day before our trip on whether or not it was actually worth the drive down and in hindsight for our actual intended mission it wasnt.
(above): Original mission failed, the boys head home deflated.
This was just the first rise and fall in our roller coaster of emotion filled day with a block of land for sale and a quick tip-off from a former local from the area we stumbled across a gem just as we were about to leave the eastern shore for our journey home. A decent drive up a pea-metal/shingle river bed and track led us to an amazing sight,  A lone peak breaking in the middle of nowhere with consistency only a solid piece of reef could offer it wasnt long before we were in our wetsuits and paddling out. The massive oversight was that the whole journey up the beach the rather expensive four wheel drive we were travelling in was on the verge of bogging the whole way and during the elation of surfing a new break I couldnt help but keep looking back at the precarious vehicle on the shoreline and thinking to myself "we are....f....d"..

We surfed the wave until we could surf no more, exchanging sets and priority but when the surf was over and it was time to head off our poor new school land rover had other ideas.
First we went back 6 metres and sunk. Then we went forward 6 metres and sunk. Then we revved the motor out of pure desperation and we dropped faster than a russian submarine retrieving Harold Holt. Buried a metre into the shingle with an incoming tide, dead cellphones  and half an hour before sunset we knew we had to make a decision fast.

This involved a 5km run to a nearby farmstead where the farmer named Bruce greeted us on his 4wheeler and angry sheep dogs. He told us he would go get his tractor and humourisly made us run back to the car the way we came rather than give us a cruisy tractor ride. Russ and I did a really great impersonation of Ethiopian marathon runners as we hurdled gorse and thistle and broken down electric fences. We were towed out on sundown showering the farmer with cash and white wine he was stoked and we were stoked and we arrived safely home at 1130 that evening right in time for an earthquake out in cook strait as a gentle reminder of how mortal we all are.

The moral of the story and the rumours are still abundant. There are some interesting new happening over on that coast and the places you least expect may actually be the biggest surprises yet.

It was dead flat in Kaikoura this day and we most likely lucked the whole scene but just remember..

The Search is never over......

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cape Classic 2017

The Cape Classic Surfing competition is being held at Tauranga Bay in Westport on the 24th and 25th of February and we would ask all those interested in competing to come forth now in order to fundraise for travel and accomadation costings. Feel free to give me a bell or txt 0223246236 and or club secretary Trudie Pegg 035450520...
Thanks Again
(above) Westport's own Matty Adams at a Buller Club Comp Earlier This Year

Flat Spell Update

Hey again folks, Just thought I would give you half a run down on whats not happening in the next 10 days and thats surf in Nelson, A little bit of flicky Northwest-West thru the middle of next week but nothing of real interest until around the 7th of Feb where we finally see some action from the tropics,
What does this mean? Wellm basically weve all been spoiled rotten since New Years so take it on the chin and maybe even consider a trip down the west or east coasts. Now not going so far as to tell anyone where and when the waves are happening this is more just an overview and if you want the nitty-gritty then may I suggest putting your nose deep into those forecast sites and good luck,

Monday, January 23, 2017

Hit the ground Running 2017

I hear a lot of people complaining lately "Where is our Summer?"... Now obviously they are not surf city surf fiends because if you have stuck around Nelson for the last few weekes it has done nothing but reign swell supreme with back to back to even back! Consistent swell on tap since the New Year with someone I know having had 16 surfs already this year not including half a dozen surf lessons thrown in along the way!!!
Apologies for not updating this blog more regularly of late but from now on a more concerted effort to do so.
(above): Only those in the know when its time to Go !! - Photo-Raoule Caroule
Our luck began New Years Day and since then we have had a super consistent run with most of us getting our fair share and with sudden southwest changes the crowd shift has been over the hill more often than not with crowds of 20plus fighting like seagulls over chips as the local bar deals out happy hour,
(above): When it does clean up... So does Brucey on the spot : Photo: Dharan

To cut a long story short its been a cracker of a start to the year and with a few crew heading off to the Duke surfing festival in a few weeks followed by the Cape Classic late February it looks set to get busier another flick through on the cards tommorow so hopefully see you out there amongst it.

For all and more info on what is happening within Nelsonboardriders Surf Club please feel free to join up, pay your subs and be added to the NBR Facey Page. or alternate contact to 


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Postcard from The Dog.

Froth-Dog's Predictions:
" Witches and Black Cats, Ladder Carriers Beware - For what is unlucky for some may not be     for others".

Swell Season On !!!

(above) TuaraWhati in all its Glory. Just like that. The flick of a switch. Four days in a row of waves and at least 2 more systems on ...