Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lets Go Decembering....

Happy December People, Officially the start of summer!! Water temps continue to rise, prodical sons return home, christmas parties, you name it..... its happening!! With the possibility of 3 maybe even 4 seperate swells between now and Christmas we can also add that to our hand rubbing gesture.

Now heres the top 5 reasons to rate Summer:

5: All those crew you dont see surfing through winter show up out of the woodwork but you can pull     the year long surfer "drop in" card on them.

4: With crowd numbers so large at Schnappers it becomes like Waimea Bay where there is NO drop     in rule.

3: Certain Days you can actually surf in boardshorts.

2: Dawn Patrols take on a whole new meaning.

1: Returning home to Nelson after a 25 year Hiatus you can still paddle straight into the Snappers top    5 pecking order cos you are a local after all. (joined by 4 other Hiatians ).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo of the Week

Not normally one for posting too many 'non-nelson' shots, but here is a friend from Waikuku/ChCh to be precise... Taylor McNeill , tearing up the inside bowl at Sunset Beach yesterday!! Super jealous of you mate!! Hope you cheer Ric Christie along come Friday,,,, in between sessions at OTW........ yeeeeoowww
(above): Taylor at inside sunset, Photo: Nicolette

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wild. Windy and Wooly!!

(above): Darryn "Dazza" Fitzgerald bringing one around at a lesser known boulderbank break Photo: Jordy Soole.

Howdy everybody!! Some real hit and miss surf of late has been enough to drive even the most permanent frother to drink as bad winds and even worse corresponding tides have been cursing us of late but never fear, The change is in the air and the sea as warmer water is now causing some unstable low pressure cells to form on top of Tasman frontal systems and looking forward over the next couple of weeks we may see a fair bit more swell action from the Northwest but disecting the wind changes will be the key to success. Finding those windows of glassiness and coinciding with the tides will be the real challenge!!
(above): Loving this shot of Graham Bird standing tall as this wave detonates on the bricks.

Monday, November 16, 2015

NBR CLub Day Massive Success !!!

Despite the inclement weather and virtual flatness Sunday morning the Nelson Boardriders club day went down without a hitch as the swell kicked in through the afternoon with organisers even cheeky enough to go on hold between 5pm and 6pm to wait for the forecast wind change. The wind clocked offshore the swell picked up and well..... the rest is history.
(above): OPEN MENS WINNER - Ross Dalkie from Westport
Full Story and results to come,
A big thankyou to everyone who attended as the support was massive!!!

Above: All Photos Sven Martin

Sunday, October 18, 2015

STOP PRESS: Anti Rubgy Swell Shows Up

Halfway through the Rubgy yesterday a solid 3-4ft swell showed up un-announced and catching all the Haka-Lovers off guard. Some good clean waves until the Southwest punished it in the afternoon.
See you later in the week for some Action Time!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Painfully Waiting.

It certainly has been a bit of a dry spell over the last couple of weeks as el-nino takes hold locking us into the trademark westerly pattern but hey.... how about that suntan!!!
Its literally been warmer than Rarotonga !!
Never fear however folks as there is a blip on the radar but youre gonna have to wait until the end of the coming week.
Just to add to the ever anxiety building pleasure of crystal ball gazing at long range forecast charts I have added yet another super long 21 day isobar chart just to really get those stress levels at peak so check it out under Swellnet Wams.

Its a sad day when I dont even have any photos to post but chin up and look toward the future days.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Say Hello to El - Nino !!!

After that bizzare 2 week run of unseasonably easterly weather we are now settling into some classic El-Nino setups with northwest to southwest flows looking set to run right throughout the month.
A really good old fashioned Northwest bender lined up in a 10-12 days time will be sure to blow the cobwebs out of a lot of crew who seemed to have distanced themselves from the lineups of late. Question mark. Question mark.
The switching Southwest Northwest trend is a tricky one to try and source the right place and right time and quite often its a disastrous situation along the most of the boulder bank leaving a lot of people scratching their heads.

If you nut it out though you will find some hidden gems.
The truth is out there,

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Photo of the Week

This cracker of Ashton Cooley on his way to Samoa had to take the cake.

Welcome Nelson Auto Glass On-Board !!

Another sponsor to add to the list, proprieter Francis has laid down this offer!!!


Come to Nelson Auto Glass Specialists Ltd and nominate your organization to receive CASH BACK which will benefit your cause......
You will receive approx $30 with every vehicle glass replacement.
You will receive $10 with every stone chip repair job invoiced.
You will receive 10% off every flat glass job invoiced.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Whitey Chucker

Growing up back in Tassie.....
.. there used to be this term "Whitey-Chucker".
It derived from the description of someone turning pale white just before either vomiting, passing out and/or both. It also transcended into the term for someone being a really good surfer in that if you were watching the person surf either from the shoreline or out in the water they would make you want to "chuck a whitey".
To best interpret the term one really needs to immerse themselves in the moment so without leaving you hanging any longer please sit back and watch this latest edit of Albee Layer.
......He is one big Whitey Chucker.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Surfing Pipeline - Dream Realised

Story by Mike Baker....

My whole trip to California reads like a best-case, all-time dream. It began when I made contact with Ken Robbins on Facebook. Ken is a top bodysurfer living on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. We had been talking for a while when I was suddenly contacted by Vince Askew of the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club in San Diego, inviting me to be on their team to surf in the URT WOMP at Coronado Beach and in the 39th World Bodysurfing Championships at Oceanside Beach in August of 2015. I was blown away by the invitation but had to turn it down because I couldnt afford to get there. Vince said that all I had to do was get there and the Del Mar Club would put me up, all expenses paid. I posted this on my FB page and the whole thing went viral - overnight my whole friends list lit up with everyone totally pusing me to go. Almost immediately a besty of mine messaged me to say that he would pay for my return flight and I could pay him back when I could manage it. This was an amazing opportunity for me suddenly so at the suggestion of friends I set up a Givealittle page on the Net and all my friends began donating money into it so I could pay the flights loan back to my besty. I paid him back in two weeks and the rest is history. 

I came over to San Diego, met up with Vince and all the amazing people (too many to mention them all!) he had organized for me to stay with from the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club - four different sets of people, finishing up for the World Championships in a great condo at Oceanside overlooking the Pier. The first day after I arrived I entered the URT WOMP Bodysurfing contest and in small surf managed to make it to Second Place! I was pretty stoked even though the waves had been small and I spent the day going between the Del Mar crew and the Slyde Handboards tent - great to meet Steve and Ange after all this time in a way so unlooked for and also the rest of the Slyde crew - totally cool to get in the water with all of these guys! Steve and Ange invited me to join them for a BBQ at a friends house after the contest and we all had a ball round there with a great pool, rocks and waterfall right out of Jurassic Park. 

Unfortunately a few days later I hurt my back, two days before the World Bodysurfing Championships and even though a good friend of mine rang around and found a great bodyworker - Bob Davis - thanks Bob! who got me back on my feet, it set me back a bit for the contest - I had to swim mostly on my back which slowed me down and I didnt get enough waves to qualify out of my heat. But ... even though I was frustrated with my performance, I was determined not to let it get me down and I still had the most amazing time, with incredible people and every day totally special in every way. I left California with a big lump in my throat - a friend had bought me the new surfing book, Barbarian Days - you have to read this book - its the best! I took it to a big meal with most of my new friends at a great restaurant and asked everyone to sign and write something in it and I now have an incredible memento of my time at Del Mar and Oceanside! Humbling and very special - thanks so much guys - new friends from San Diego, Brazil and Australia and a load from all over on Facebook! Ive had a lot of invitations to come back next year, so ive saving already ..... 
Flying out to Hawaii on the way home to New Zealand Aotearoa, I had one night on Oahu with my friend Ken Robbins. Ken made it into the finals of the Worlds and I was staying with his brother, Bruce, at Oceanside and we had already planned to try and catch Point Panic in the morning before I flew out. Ken took me for a great sight-see around Honolulu but we found that there had been a sewage spill into the sea on the South Shore so we couldnt go in the water - the next morning Point Panic was flat anyway so I asked if we had time to get to the North Shore. It was summer and the North Shore is usually flat at this time of year but I just wanted to sink my feet into the sand at Pipeline ... 

This extraordinary trip has come full circle for me now, sharing this last session with Ken. He was my first contact on Facebook which catalysed the progression of events resulting in my invitation by Vince Askey to go to the World Bodysurfing Championships at Oceanside beach, so I guess it is fitting that we finished up the trip together in a way I never would have envisioned. We swam out and bodysurfed the Ehukai sandbar at the famous Banzai Pipeline. For those of you who are not familiar with the world of surfing, the North Shore on the island of Oahu has always been synonymous with big wave riding. This is the place where, sooner or later, every surfer is obliged to come and be tested if they aspire to make it into the ranks of professional surfing. Allowing for the mysteries still inherent (and which I hope fervently, will remain that way) in our individual and collective psyches, this earth of ours has become an open book now in so many ways, across every spectrum of physical, mental and spiritual endeavour. Within the realms of surfing, many other profoundly challenging locations in different parts of the world have become accessible to all comers and while some of these spots are now included on the professional surfing circuit, the short stretch of coast on Oahu`s North Shore still remains, perhaps, as the abiding trial by … water. Like so many surfers of all disciplines around the world, all my life I have been familiar with the names of Kaena Point, Haleiwa, Laniakea, Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Off-the-Wall and Sunset Beach, (and the outer reefs, like Outside Log Cabins and Avalanche) to name perhaps the most prominent spots as you travel along the Kamehameha Highway. The North Shore comes alive in the winter months and subsides in summer. Where 25ft waves can be the order of the day at Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach in winter, summertime usually initiates a vacuum and these beaches can be snorkelled with impunity.
Together with all of the above-mentioned spots, Pipeline has always retained a profound and awe-inspiring mystique so it was with a certain surprise and mounting excitement that I walked through the Ehukai parking lot with Ken, to see a crowd of about twenty surfers scrambling to ride 6 - 8ft sets consistently hitting the inside reef. We watched the crowd jockeying for position and noticed a woman bodysurfing on the end of the left-handers, when she could find a space between board-riders, but they were few and far between so we walked down the beach a little way to check the sandbar next to the main Pipeline peak. This was also consistent and coming through at a more manageable 3 - 5ft with only one person out on a stand-up-paddleboard. We took note of the large, random rocks awash in the shore break and speculated on the possibility of bodysurfing the right-hander coming in to meet the diminishing Pipeline left. We were not expecting any swell of consequence at this time of the year and I realised that this was another once-in-a-lifetime cubic centimetre of chance hovering in front of me. I could walk away or I could take hold with both hands. Ken and I looked at one another and said together, ‘Let`s do this!’.
So we returned to the car, locked up and walked our fins and my GoPro on my helmet mount and my Hexflex Slyde Handboard back to the sandbar. The swim out in the 80deg water (this was 9.30am and the air temp was around 85deg) was easy and pretty damn blissful (lol) and Ken and I began sharing waves with the SUP surfer, who soon got out. My first time in the surf in Hawaii, I noticed immediately that the waves had an edginess, a thickness and power to them which is not apparent in NZ. Just wearing boardies (initially it felt like I had a parachute on until I realised my pocket was open and acting like a break. I became more streamlined when I zipped it up) and a rash vest with no wetsuit made it easy to go deep when diving under the waves and I was entranced by the clarity of the water - the reef was just below us and clearly visible. Then a big set of three or four waves came through, well overhead and suddenly we began paying more attention to the line-up and the implications of having larger waves arriving, (we had seen this happening before we went in but still thought it looked ok). By then three other guys had joined us and I chatted with one about the surprise of finding waves this size breaking here in the summer. He agreed and said that it was a new swell and was forecast to get bigger tomorrow and the next day. Things were still in control but I started thinking about past stories of hapless surfers on the North Shore being caught out on ‘step-ladder’ days, when each successive set of waves increases in size and you keep paddling/swimming further and further out until eventually, you are hundreds of metres out and its so big you can't get back in again because you are too scared to take off … and you know, this was Pipeline … I checked in with Ken and he had already made the decision that if the big sets hitting us suddenly decided to become the average norm, then we were out of there … I agreed, quite happily. So we traded waves, both of us getting good rides and diving under the big sets until it was time to go. Ken went in first and I followed after I had finished talking with a young lad who was bemoaning his fate of having to leave the next day to go to college … in Wisconsin - not a lot of surf over there. I enjoyed my last wave and rode it all the way in. The steep beach was coming up fast and I considered riding right up the sand, then saw the shore break dumping inside-out and did a tumble-turn at the last moment, coming to my feet and walking backwards fast, in my fins - but not fast enough. Just to demonstrate that this spot is not to be trifled with, the next wave swatted me over and sucked my handboard leash right off my wrist. Gone. I thought I had lost it and did not fancy going back into the shorey to look for it, then saw a tiny piece of the leash sticking out of the sand - the board was buried and completely out of sight - and pulled it out of the sand before the next wave arrived. So we came through unscathed and I have yet more great memories - and footage - of my California Dreaming trip. I am thankful though, that there was no surprise stepladder in evidence … and thanks so much Ken, for taking me up to the North Shore and what a gift for us, out of the blue, to go out and bodysurf at Ehukai Beach … who knew?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spring Is a busy time!!

Howdy Surflings, not too many updates of late as Spring seems to have sprung and everything is full on!!
Its almost as if we all look round and think "what...spring already? , but the years nearly over, better get some stuff done"!!!
Lucky for us here in surf-city , Huey the god of surf has also decided we need to get stuff done on the home front with no surf forecast for at least the next fortnight maybe even 3 weeks! The last couple of swells have been a little bit of a wind-down indicating that infact how consistent run through Winter may all be about to abrubtly stop!!

On the club front, Trudie Pegg the new secretary/treasurer has been more than pro-active raising over 500bux for the club in only a few weeks and if you are one of the crew to sign your life away paying your subs on time then there is a t-shirt here with your name on it!!! We will be in contact!
So, the plan after the school holidays is to pick the eyes out of the next weekend swell and hold another club day/ competition so keep your eyes peeled for something going on in October some time we would hope!!

(above): Hossegor, France.
 Travel Wise, Jimmy Wright and Finnley Meekma are like Bill and Ted on an excellent adventure through France at the moment heading through to Spain and have been stuffing there faces with baguettes and the like trying to gain some weight after too much time in Amsterdam.
Bruce Wilson and Raef Murray are both off to Rarotonga (seperately) whilsts Dale Cooley and family are soaking up some of that Samoa'an flavour as I type.

A week of easterly winds ahead and that can only mean one thing. Im off to the west coast.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Quote of the Week

"The best part about surfing is that there is no destination in the end. Its all about the journey" - Andrew Campbell

Friday, September 4, 2015

Warning Shot:

Written by Bill Evans-

Here we have this gutsy 15 year old Emma Pegg who does not have a drivers license persuading  her mother to get up early with snow on the ranges, take her to Schnappers at dawn, telling her Mum that as soon as she get’s a license she will be taking off on her own to surf. She was the second surfer to arrive at the beach. I understand she can get seasick when surfing, but she has got the bug and has not been put off wanting to surf because of this.
With a number of women coming to the fore surfing in NZ and Aussie in the last couple of years, just image where  Emma might be in a couple of years time. Schnapper’s Nelson Boardriders  and perhaps that blogger man Mark might even get mention and noticed too.
I say to the NelsonBoardriders encourage  and support this young lady and claim her as your own - now.

Best wishes Bill Evans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Photo of The Week

I have so many amazing photos on hand at the moment so dont be shy to hit me up for a copy. This photo captured my eye more than the surfing as it portrays what it is to live and surf in Nelson. Here is a classic scenario where you bump into someone you havent seen in a while sheerly because the surf brought you back together again. Geoff Noble (left) with a "Heeeeey bro havents seen you in aaaages" to Jason Hylkema (right).

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Club Members list Updated

Updated members list now available via "club/contact" page.
New Tshirts Coming soon along with a September Spring Fling Club Day....

Stay tuned for more.....
(above): Nelson Boardriders Represented at The VOLCOM PRO, Cloudbreak 2014

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

For Sale.

Second Hand  9"10 brand is "nine plus" $500 or they would be happy with $450 this includes cover.   text 021 02343361 Jackie.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surf City Rolls On.

Unless you have been living under a dead tree in Molesworth county it comes as no surprise there has been a plethora of waves of late and the amount of photos I have on hand is excessive.
Here is a handful below of some of the best from the last couple of weeks..
(above): Jackson Gregory high speed clip. Photo: Jordy Soole

(above): Rory Dubienic Death Gouge,. Photo: Soolio

Friday, August 21, 2015

Photo of the Week

New kid on the Block, Jordy Soole. Takes this shot of the most dedicated 80 year old I know.
Apprentice eyes the Master. Bill Evans sitting on his stool doing what he loves best.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Around the Grounds.

So many waves of late its pretty hard to start with anywhere really. Especially if your memory flails you!
First up a big "all the best" to Mike Baker who is off to the world Bodysurfing champs in California at the end of the week.We hope Mike can get some results and put Nelson on the map!! Go Mikey Go!!
(above): Ben Winmill, toes on the nose. Bootie-Smell. Pic: Bill E

Local Glenduan Resident, Rory Dubienic is also another guy we should be wishing Au'Revoir as he heads to California also later this month for a 6 month exchange student stint based in Santa Barbara I am personally not sure of how much studying he will be getting done whilst stalking Dane Reynolds and the the rest of the crew.

I used to be a doubter of a "Swell Season" in Nelson but after 14 years residing here I now have to finally admit that perhaps we do get more consistent swell runs between June and October. It seems we are on an amazing run again of late with basically a 3 day on 4 day off roster between rideable waves and flat spells.
(above): Rory Dubienic laying it down hard.
On the club side of things the new treasurer/secretary Trudie Pegg is a woman on a mission viciously raising sponsorship for the club and with a lot of local businesses putting up there hand the future looks bright. A run of t-shirts incorporating the sponsors logo's are on the planning table so if you know of anyone else keen to jump on board tell them to get in fast before they miss the boat.

Heres a list of those helping out so far.... Hogeys Surf, Moana Sup, Boulder Bank Electrical and Higgs Earthmoving....... with a couple more in the works it looks like we will be able to embark on a few projects over the next coming months including some more nice rocks in the carpark at snappers, a general tidy up of that area, a talk to the harbour master regarding some demo/reconstruction work on the cut and a couple of other cool ideas. Next club day/boardriderr comp will go down mid september and next meeting will be held at Graham Clarks place in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned cos Houston we have a problem!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

A lot of Shark Hysteria running rampant in the wake of multiple attacks in recent weeks I thought I would share the "extra" interview with Mick Fanning in relation to shark culling and also the photo of Boris the resident Bronzey at the Glen. I personally witnessed the deliberately targeted catch and release of the fish pictured and it took only 15-20 minutes for him to take the big bait the boys put on offer confirming that yes, the ocean, even our own local bay contains sharks. A giant touchwood from myself but as the experts say, you have more chance of having a car accident on your way to work.
“We’re in their domain.” Mick Fanning shares his stance on the controversial shark cull debate.WATCH the Extra Minutes:
Posted by 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday, 2 August 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The X Files

Abundance of swell brings crazy and interesting uncoverings.
Colm Dubienic goes left first time ever captured on camera.
Paua Diver surfaces just in time for some inside action......
The truth is out there.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mikes link Fixed

Mikeys give a little link is

Club Sub Drive

Hi Folks , just been mulling over the last years club sub's and it seems we only have 6 paying members as opposed to original 30 or so... Pretty keen to get some more t-shirts or hoodies and beloved bumper stickers printed but this involves ample club funds. Club account details below.

Account Name: Nelson Boardriders Surf Club
> > Account: ANZ 01 0702 0238590 00
> > use name as reference
> >
> > 12months sub = $25.00

Please note there is no pressure to pay nor join just follow your heart.....

kind regards,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fred Dagg was Right!! -

 Guest Author -   Sam Dillon

Winter can be depressing. It can get you down, it can get you cold, it can even get you dreaming of tropical climes.....
As surfers , especially Nelson surfers, we have a secret weapon to combat the cold! Because we know that winter is the season of swell when those big low pressure systems track further north, marching across the Tasman and kicking up the northerly ground swells we crave, you know the ones – the only ones fit into that funky jigsaw puzzle shape that is Tasman bay.
Only trouble is when the school holidays roll around my snow-crazy family harass me to head south into the mountains and ride the big white walls instead. But this year I had a cunning plan, with a frothing teenage grommet son who was ready to be blooded with some proper cold water surfing(well he claims he was raised as a toddler down the coast), I thought why not throw the boards in too and surf the icy perfection of Kaikoura on the way south? And so we did, scoring some nice SE swell at afternoon Manga’s followed by a solid glassy Meatworks session the next morning, brilliant!
First lesson for the young fella: (and one I seem re-learn every winter) Kaiks is a whooole lot colder than Nelly..... cue the Fred Dagg song. We dont know how lucky we aaare son!

Next mission is drive all night to Omarama and stay in a mates shearer’s quarters, then wake up to minus 13! Well that aint my lucky number I can tell you. The soggy wetsuits I left hanging overnight in the woolshed have got 6 inch icecles dripping off them by morning and the booties.... well you could hammer a nail in with them! Dont get that in Nelson.
The upside to minus 13 is that the snow is in perfect condition and we spend the next few days making pigs of ourselves boarding & skiing the mountains above lake Ohau, mint! Freshmint actually. Boarding a big powder face is a bit like paddling into a giant bomb at Jaws or Cortez Bank.... without all the danger and certain death hold downs, like! Heading back north to Arthurs Pass we score another day of mountain action before checking in with Grassmaster swell tracking dotcom (we have been happily divorced form the internet for many days). The Godfather of surf advises us to pin it straight down the line for home as the goods are due for delivery soon. Thats all it takes and we scorch northwards up the west coast stopping to watch the hardy Cobden locals ripping through barrelling high tide lefts along the breakwater whilst being blast frozen by the vicious 30 knot offshore Greymouth “Barber”. Hmmm makes our SW look tame.
We cruise north through Punakiki stopping to surf big clean Tauranga bay and for a real treat a sand bottom and no booties required. Another late night driving mission has us pulling in to the Glen in the pitch black and winding down the window to a warm northerly which felt distinctly tropical after the deep south. I swear I could hear the sound of coconuts falling from the palms...... although I guess it could have been the rocks rolling round in the shorebreak! We dont know how lucky we are son.
We wake on Sunday morning to the deep Boom Boom of a solid long period swell and instantly know the drive was worth it. After a slow start you can imagine the bewilderment  of pulling into an empty Snappers carpark...... what the ?? Has there been a Mick Fanning moment or something? 
Paddling out a crazy grin spread across my face as an empty double overhead set rumbles through, and then as I swing and drop down the face of a big freight train a full “Confucious-Grasshopper” moment ensued as I realized the irony of the fact that I’d driven thousands of Km in a giant circle only to find the ultimate stoke right on my front doorstep!
(above): Sam returns home to THE solo session.   Photo: Rob McDonald
The ultimate full circle.... We’re unaware of how fortuituos are the circumstances Fred!
Written and directed by Sam Dillon.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Forget TC Pam - Tasman Low Takes Over!!

(above): Six Foot Snaps and One Guy Out!..... Photo: Damir Kolonic
Watching the latest low rip across the Tasman Sea in 24hours was quite amazing. With feelings that it could produce a swell bigger and better than earlier in the week's 6 foot power swell it was also unimagineable but alas, the isobar wind quills had winds in this low exceeding 55 knots. Most swell forecast sights were pretty slow on the uptake with this swell and only those with some old school weather nouse were on the spot for this doozy of a swell which lets face it... and try argue the point if you like. Pretty much put Cyclone Pam to bed.
(above): This guy even got married on this sandbar..... Photo: Jordy Soole

(above): Cable Bay All Day...... Photo: Colm Dubienic
It just goes to show that you really do never know your luck in Surf City. The craziest thing about this swell was lack of crowds and evidence grew throughout the day that basically everyone was spread out with crew surfing Snappers at 6foot with only a couple guys out, Cable Bay and Delaware Bay likewise.Even Rabbit Island and Tahunanui Beaches were pumping basically absolutely everywhere was pumpingg!! The lack of people in the water was astonishing and. well..... maybe it was just that little bit too cold naaaawwww coochie-coo !!!!!

Awesome day boys and girls!!! Super Stoked.
(above): The Serenity.....   Photo: Mike Baker

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Local Bodysurfer Invited to World Bodysurfing Champs !!

The Del Mar Bodysurfing Club in San Diego have invited Mikey Baker to compete in their team at the World Bodysurfing Championships, in August 22,23 - 2015 at Oceanside Beach in San Diego, California, USA. With a lack of means to get there, a friend has loaned him $1900 for the cost of the return air fare and other friends are getting in behind his mission to help him pay this back. If you would like to support Mikey the link is hope he gets the kind of quality waves like this, that we enjoyed c/o Tropical Cyclone Pam!

Friday, July 10, 2015

You Love Surf City Nelson.

Sit back and have a good old think about surfing in Nelson and a wry little grin will appear upon your chin... Sure we may not get waves everyday but you tell me a place that does?..This whole little spill stems from midweek conversations with a couple of groups of people who are heading away from Nelson, one lot to the snow and the other to Indo and overseas.. As jealous as I am I had to throw in the old "but you're gonna miss next weeks swell", line and funnily enough it is enough to make any die-hard Nelson frother absolutely cringe. As much as we pine over the "next week's" forecast, the next swell always does come. The pre-swell tension starts to build and when the swell finally arrives we are all such a happy bunch we are like kids to a bouncy castle.
(above): Geoff Noble bringing back the fun.... Photo: Jordy Soole.

This blog contains a "sitemeter" and the 2nd most popular overseas country that visits is Indonesia.
I mean really, who sits in Indo wondering if theyre missing a Nelson swell...???  I know I probably would...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photo of the Week

(above): Steve "Blink" Blenkiron gets all Speed Racer on it!!..... Photo"Bill Evans"

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Froth-Dogs Predictions

Froth-Dog's Predictions:

" Forget the 4th of July my puppies....Numbers 15 and 18 are your lucky numbers this month...."

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Big Wait

So folks, looking at the forecast we are in for a bit of sit on hands action over the next 7 to 10 days whilst a gigantic Indian Ocean generated swell plows through the southern ocean looking set to light up West Oz with some amazingly large swells. By the time it reaches NZ its gonna be in the form of a 6metre wsw swell so not much luck in Nelson unfortunately and prevailing west winds are gonna make it somewhat mythical for us and the West Coast.
So with all that time on our hands I have made a list of reasons that make it great to wait in winter.

5: You can turn your head towards the peaks and re-introduce yourself to your forgotten snowboard career.

4: You can roam endless cafe's in search of the perfect latte'.

3: Puffer jacket?.... yes please.

2: Spend more time indoors trolling the net for 40ft swells cos lets face it.... if you lived there you would surf it.

1: Because there is no dont have to surf in this bloody freeezing weather,,, Yaaay!!!!
Photo: Bird

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heeeeaps of Photos.

Bill Evans has forward passed a few thousand photos from the last couple of weeks swells I think June 3rd and 4th than again this weekend just gone both days,.,,
If youre keen on a copy let us know via and if enough interest will pump a few discs out and leave em in Hogeys.  Cheers.

Hilltop Serenade

Thought I would share this view of Schnappers I shot yesterday.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

You down with O.P.P ??

Yeah you know me.....

(above): Olin Pilcher slaying it at Snappers. ..Photo: Bill Evans

Swell Season On !!!

(above) TuaraWhati in all its Glory. Just like that. The flick of a switch. Four days in a row of waves and at least 2 more systems on ...