Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Cyclone Year.

Seasons Greetings Surflings and I hope we are all engaging in all of life's excesses as we celebrate the end of the year.A time to look back on the year and a time to look forward into the New.
A general overview of the surf for the year in what has been described by many as the most consistent in memory. Starting off slow as we headed into March the swells became a little more consistent and as the water temperature cooled, the action heated, and from July 13th ( the birth of my first child) we had no less than 13 weekends sat/sun sun/mon combination swells in a row with there being no more than 4 flat days before the next swell would arrive. We even had swells arrive from nowhere on the map to be seen.
So many days of surf to the point where I began to calculate that since July 13 I have been surfing 60times making for an average of 2.66666 surfs per week, not bad for a town "with no surf".

Whether you suffer from "swellmap says" or are a look out the window type surfer, one thing is for sure is that you can never take your eye off the ball in Nelson. Boxing day afternoon a prime example...flat at 3pm... 4ft at 6pm.

Thanks for tuning in and have a safe and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sharks at Delaware

A school of Bronze Whaler sharks were hanging out in the estuary and rivermouth at Delaware Bay over the weekend including this 2metre guy pictured below. Makes you feel alive doesnt it !!!
Thanks to Bruce Wilson for the shot and always use caution when surfing rivermouths !!!
(above): Curious 2metre Bronze Whaler Shark checks out curious humans.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Froth Dogs Predictions

Froth Dog's Predictions: 
" You have your best year ever, so why not have your best Xmas ever also"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Around the Grounds,

Last week saw a blustery windswell sweep into the bay with the returning Uni and holiday crew crowding up everywhere from The Glen to The Cut and everywhere inbetween. A couple of photos below from Jimmy Jay Wright, local skater turned learn to surfer, with his first attempts at photographing surfing. Good effort son!
(above): Joe Leeper high speed assault.
(above): Not bad for a first time surf photog !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Summertime!!

With December upon us I guess its time to kick back, enjoy the warmer times and with forecast waves on the way, life probably doesnt get much better in surf-city.
Heres a few reasons to get your summer froth on and see you and everyone in the water soon.

Top Ten reasons why Summer in Nelson aint that bad,,,

10: You get to catch up with mates past and present and spray each other in the face at Snappers.
 9: You get to spray people youve never seen before in the face at Snappers also.
 8: Water is warm enough to wear boardshorts on a good day.
 7: With so many parties going on no one gets to the surf before 10am.
 6: Longer daylight hours mean theres way more time to surf.
 5: Santa gives you a new Boogieboard for xmas.
 4: If you like eating Kina you're in your element.
 3: With so many stingrays in the estuary, everyones too afraid to surf  Delaware.
 2: You get to sensually rub your face and body with sunscreen and after sun lotions.
 1: Being Cyclone Season, we're sure due to get a really good one this summer.........

Happy Summer surfing.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flat Day Fun: Barry Kingston re-learns skateboards.

I gotta take my hat off ( if I wore one) to this guy. Local surfer Barry Kingston at the ripe young age of 60 decides he's had enough of the flat swell run and its time to get some board action. much to the amusement of myself and Russell Bruce. Barry decided it was his night to try skateboarding again after a 44 year hiatus.
Lets just say a picture paints a thousand words of pain. I would say children dont try this at home but then again I hope im still a child when im 60 !! All the best on the recovery Bazza!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop Press: Jimmy and Jacko in Sri Lanka??

Just when we thought we'd be seeing these grommets home soon the last their mums heard they had jumped a plane to Sri Lanka last seen sipping Ceylon.

Get ready to feel the flatness!!

(above): Kevin Burgess arty take on Ruby bay

As the title suggests, hovering over the 10 day isobar chart things are looking pretty glum for surf-city over the coming week if not fortnight. Lucky for some though this weekend provided some goodies with Saturday Night producing a late arrival 2-3ft session with a faithful crew hitting Schnappers it within 30minutes of the swells arrival . Rich Barry first on the scene as if he had been waiting in the bushes whilst quickly followed by Jason Hylkema, Stoke vet Pete Heyes, Jamie Field and a few other normals. Sunday morning I found myself paddling out at 5:15am to perfect empty 4ft Snappers, clean as a whistle. I guess my baby boy waking at 4am was ok after all!!! joined half an hour later by Jamie, Gary, Neil Tyson, Barry Kingston, Grahame Loveridge and then some. Was one of the memorable sessions of the year infact with crowd number low and plenty of consistent sets. On a good note the water temperature is hovering just under 18deg c and one would guess that with the coming week or so run of warm weather the next swell in Nelson is gonna be springsuit time.
(above): Dont be surprised to see this guy over the next few weeks either. Joe Leeper, leaping.
Yibbida Yibbida Thats all folks

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back Bar Sup Serenity.

A clip from Warren Mitchell and friends out on the back bar at Tahuna. Its like the place was built for Sup's with sometimes 300metre long rides and no way a surfboard could ever catch these slow rollers so crowds are never a problem. Lucky for Sup!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Extra Long Time In Nias

So it seems all the younger Nelson crew are slowly staggering back to our shorelines and low and behold the swell is actually drying up. At least Jackson Gregory and Jimmy Mckay are living the dream still on extended bonus time stay in Nias, Indonesia. Heres a montage of the boys doing it tough....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo of the Week.

A bit of photoshop action by Christchurch photog Andy lukey entitled "...and God said let there be spray"
The Lowdown-(above): Nelson's own Marco Edwards with blatant disregard for Westport's Antony Hema

Monday, November 5, 2012

......but wait there's more.

You wouldn't be the first to admit of being worried about the last couple of weeks weather charts, as it seemed the warmer land temperature has pushed the last couple of frontal systems just that little further south and being the ever supersticious person I am, I was certain that the return of one of our grommets Marco Edwards to Nelson 2 weeks ago had ended our best swell run in history.
(above): Cable Bay's Big Brother
All was not lost though with last Saturday producing a mediocre Norwest swell in the 3 to 4ft range and Rabbit Island turned on the goods round midday with surprisingly low crowd numbers.
Saturday saw the return of Jason "Hulkmeister" Hylkema paddling out on a fresh new stick after a year and a half out of the water focusing on the gym and his personal training career. Jason was in fine form and proved that just cause you dont surf doesnt mean you cannot!!?!?!.... Cj Barton on the other hand wowed onlookers when he was momentarily possesed by AI's spirit on one wave with ultra lamina flow.

Looking forward to the next system as its shaping up to be a doozie and as our ounger crew return back to Nelson for the summer be sure to see the action lighting up with frothers in every direction !!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shapers to Visit Surf-City.

A heads up that Christchurch shaper Paul Barron and legendary Hawaiian shaper Gordon Hansen will be travelling through Nelson roughly around the 20th of November upon their return from their Demo tour of the North Island. Hopefully coincinding with a Nelson swell but we all know how hard that can be!!!
Will throw down a BBQ while theyre here so current Barron riders and those interested can come along have a chat and check out some of the demo boards .

Friday, October 26, 2012

Your Say?

Got stories,views and perspectives that you'd like to share.
Please get involved and send in what you got!!  Also, in the works is a t-shirt design
for club members. Using the below logo have a play around if your keen!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo of the Week

A couple of likely Nelson Lads and friend cutting shades in sifty Balinese Bars.

Rabeyes only for you.

 Howdy everyone and thank god that short week is over !!!!!!
A mysterious low is lurking somewhere out there....will it provide swell is the question on everyones lips.
Even more mysterious would be the spike in swell late Monday Labour day which saw a few  lucky crew scoring empty Snappers and Dbay.
Water temps have increased dramatically over the last week leaving many sweating in their winter suits and
the club/contact page has been updated with an amended member list.
A few random shots from a couple weekends ago at Rabbit Island and thats about it.....
(above): With an extra 5kg on your ribs, this could be you.

(above): Unknown Soldier about to battle the end section.

(above): Tomas Ogilivie, Colm Dubienic and Connor Haines,
Nelson's next generation modelling womens wetsuits.


Rob Sheridan just recently spent a couple of weeks in Vicco and sent this shot in of Cathedrals
pumping in 29 degree air temp and 9 guys out.

Bang for your Buck, Castles and more of the Same

...coming soon

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Warrior Heaven

Saturday morning I found myself sitting in a boat heading to an undisclosed location chatting about the possibilities of a solid groundswell the following morning. Huey the god of surf did not let us down with clean and solid 4-6ft lines rolling into the bay come sunday dawn. Schnappers (note spelling: Scotty) was the place to be seen at dawn with just about every man and his dog vying for dominance amongst the flooding tide which eventually succeeded everyone forcing those in the know to Cable Bay. Jonothan Harris, well known west coast goofy-footer was amongst the cable crew alongside a couple of Kaikoura boys, Scott Edwards and the effervescent born again grommet trio of Keni Duke, Barry Fitz and Stephen Blenkiron. Richie Barry also threaded a few gems under the nose of the hasslers. While just around the corner a local guy surfed thundering hightide beachies all to his lonesome.
Now whilst all this was happening, Rabbit Island was throwing down some fun 2-3ft gems with one count revealing 26 surfers of all abilities spread across the never ending stretch of sand. Our car load of grommets checked Ruby Bay at first light but saw Toby Wild entering the water on his SUP and we knew we were no match. Nelson's full of waves, and sometimes surfers, yet the secret is to think outside the square. . Still in the hunt for some photos from the weekend so send em in to and share the wealth!!! Cheers.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just when you thought it was over!!

Just as you were beginning to think our phenomenal swell run of late was starting to wither along comes Huey the great god of surf with a back to back gift from Nelson weather map gold. Not one, but two deep lows are hatching off the southern NSW coast over the next week guaranteed to bring us more swell and more wet weather. Why wouldnt you be frothing?? (above): Random Frother making the most out of average Snappers ,filmed by Scott Edwards

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Club Subs?

Hogeys surf offers generous discount to all paying club members. It seems a few people have been flaunting this privelege so we are collaborating a list of current members which will be kept instore so if you're not paid up then you dont get the discount !! Makes sense huh !!!! Email nelsonboardriders@ hotmail dot com if you'd like to contribute and otherwise please dont say your a member if you're not!!!
A big thankyou to all current members for your contribution and for details of club transactions/balances etc feel free to ask !!!

Happy Daylight Savings!!

Okay so all you celebrating your extra hour in the evening spare a thought for those of us that like to get up before the sun!!!! Like Ben Winmill and myself scoring perfect chest high sandbar lefts at 630am Monday morning under the full moon !!! Theres something awesome about returning home before 9am already having a surf under your belt so lets hurry up the day stretching already !!!
-A noteable rise in water temp this week also with a rough guess probably putting it at 15 degrees however a dump of snow monday night may slow this process. School holidays are upon us and the summery daytime temperatures are giving us something to smile about. Never fear the swell run stopping as we see a big west norwest wind blast swell moving in for the weekend and predictions of a deep low developing right in "the slot" early next week have got a few people trembling in their own froth with rumours even of the return of the elusive Froth-Dog. !!! The Cape Classic surfing competition in Westport is set once again to go down on Labour Weekend at Tauranga Bay in Westport (Oct 20-22) and for those of you keen to hook up with a Nelson "team" make sure you get involved by the end of this week as positions are closing team wise and with great help from Sponsors like Bruce Design&Build and Hogeys Surf , theres no excuses!!!! ( see SISA site below for more info and contact Nelsonboardriders @ hotmail for more info) Thats it from me. See you in the tube... me looking out!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Run Continues!!!

Another system slipped through Nelson making it the 10th weekend/monday system in a row and without getting too pre-anticipatory you could almost harness a giggle at the way the next load of isobars are gearing up. Saturday afternoon saw a lucky crew scoring great Cable Bay with Rachel and Julian Clark, Rich Barry, myself and Dunedin via Taiwan longboard shredder Ben Winmill getting amongst it,,, A following morning dawn raid saw the treacherous Glen Point surfed at Dawn whilst Bruce Wilson hit Snappers and Dunedin Rob charged to Cable Bay. <(below:) Ben Winill tests the depth of his fins at Glen Point
Sunday afternoon saw the numbers fill at Snappers with everyone getting their hit of weekend goodness whilst this Monday mornings leftovers kept rolling through all day.
(above) Bruce Wilson, Snappers Dawn Sunday

Sunday, September 16, 2012

From the Vault.... Spotted!!

When Rich barry's not terrorising Nelson hes terrorising the west and the east, here he is seen terrorising massive Kahutura. Photo: Olin pilcher

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...and then there was 10.

Gday everyone, hoping you're all rested up between swells and making hay while the sun shines. Unbelievable, we are staring down the barrel (some of us) at the 10th weekend in a row of swell making this having to be the most consistent run of swell in Nelson history?... Im sure there might be late 70's stories of 10ft courdroy lines that just rolled into Tahuna beach like Pipeline but lets face it, this period in time also saw Ziggy Stardust and Adam Ant. A typical Spring is underway with gusty westerlies on cue but this should see the soddon ground dry up and we should also start to see a spike in water temp however the latest dump of white powder may reverse this trend momentarily. All in all its been an amazing winter for waves in Nelson, with Kaikoura locals complaining of the flattest spells in years. Count your lucky stars and get out there and enjoy!!! Photo: Olivia Morrison

Menace to Sup-Ciety

Those pesky shortboarders are at it again, trying to take over the local Nelson SUP scene with brutal inside tactics like the ones pictured below. Just remember, its way harder to catch a wave on a SUP and even equally harder to ride so be courteous and give these guys the "time", that they need. Why cant we all just get along at the dinner table?...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here Comes 9

Howdy People. Yep thats right, looks like where in for the 9th system in a row heading our way later this week and looking into the crystal ball some could even see the predicition of ten in a row coming to fruition. A tricky weekend of surf with those in the know scoring the goods. Gary Miller, Rachel, Julian Clark and Bruce Wilson dipping into some low tide Cables with Julian claiming biggest Cable ever laid whilst Christchurch boys Taylor Mcneill and Tristan Yarrel scored some delights across the harbour with myself, Leif Christenson , Marty Clark and Blenheim's Mikey Lindstrom.
Monday saw the arrival of solid 6foot lines however the wind was a tricky one with Cables turning on and off throughout the morning whilst The Glen provided some shelter but solid sets made it easier to stay home by the fire. A few people have been whining about the "monday" swell run of late however we may see a shift back in days this week to a more convenient weekend warrior style cycle.
Labour weekend comes early this October and anyone keen on entering and/or travelling to the annual Cape Classic in Westport and would like to be part of a Nelson "team" should get their expressions of interest in now as sponsorship is being sought earlier this year and a crew number needs to be sorted. Cheers.


Barron NZ Demo Tour

Paul Barron and Hawaiian shaper Gorden Hansen are going on a tour of NZ this November and conditions pending have decided to "drop-in" to Nelson. Paul has recently moved a lot of boards into the Nelson region with customers absolutely stoked with his shapes. We look forward to catching up with the boys and no doubt they will be amping on some surf-city delights. For more info visit the barron logo to the right of page...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

War(d) Stories Well worth it.....

Videos » Lost Enterprises
The Sunday/Monday swell phenomenon continues with the last 2 said days continuing the consistent run of swell. A spectacular session going down on Monday at the infamous Mapua Bar, with all the boys getting shack time including all the Cawthron Crew heavily researching water flow and the usual suspects including comeback king Scotty Edwards, Russ Duke and Paulo Devia. Westport born and bred Andy Beaufort taking a slight detour through Nelson also coming out with tunnel vision and is no doubt still coming to terms with what actually went down.Lifes good in surf city. Work those flat days cause you never know whats on the menu....
(above): Empty days at Snappers are a plenty nowadays,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Consistency "Rains" Supreme

An absolutely incredible amount of rainfall over the last 5 weeks and alongside it has been an equally incredible run of swell consistency. Without being obsessive compulsive there has been 21 days of good rideable surf out of the last 36 with every low pressure system just sitting that little bit higher in the Tasman and filtering in some very pleasant North to Northwest swells. We havent had any amazing days with most swells in the 2-4ft range however we are definately not complaining!! Later in the weekend looks like another swell tickle from the Northwest and with the sun finally poking its head out it would seem everything and everyone is feeling that Spring in their step. Too many days to individually itemise each surf but theres been heaps of low crowd Snapper sessions going, some exploring , some solo guru sessions and basically everyone getting their fair share and others just being plain gluttons !!! A few photos slowly trickling in from over the last few weeks so i thought it time to cough them up and lets look forward to some more of this surf city action.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its a long way to Taipahere

Anyone who has ever driven to French Pass will know that the road is not a kind one. Its like driving along the great wall of China, 5 times.To drive past French Pass is Mongolia... Sunday morning Blenheim's Mike Lindstrom and myself set out on an adventure of sorts to explore the exposed coast beyond the shadow of Durville Island basically driving to Picton from the wrong way!! We prepared ourselves the night before packing onboard drybags,flares,first aid you name it we had it. Travelling out of cellphone range brings you back to reality and reminds you that its back to basics when the mod-cons are not available. Heading via Jetski towards Taipahere Bay the wind was shocking and the rain felt as though it was tearing the flesh off our cheeks not to mention my hips dislocating and relocating bouncing across the chop. Eventually we reached our target but low and behold without putting on the tough guy story we were basically out of our league. We took a few photos , ate some nut bars and then tail between legs, slowly headed back to our launch point.
We all have an insatiable appetite for waves but this time we had bitten off a little more than we could chew, however the adventure was all part of the journey. Upon return we heard stories of classic Snappers and Delaware and even though these stung a bit we still felt satisfied in our gamble to think outside the square.
Its a long way to Taipahere.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Low that just wont Go!!!

Thats right people. That pesky low is still blobbing around just outside the bay and causing us the scrappy easterly flow. On the flipside it may or may have produced a little more swell and only those who go will know! Fun sessions earlier in the week with some good 6foot bombs rolling through Snappers on Monday however the Northeast wind tended to tear it a new one. Further up the road was more sheltered whilst around the hills was even more so cleverly cryptic. Heres a shot of glassy 4-5ft Snappers from monday morning in which I had the pleasure of surfing to myself for an hour and a half before the Noertheast came up and below its time for some good old fashioned rumour mill..........
Rumour Mill: Which evening this week saw a sneaky pulse in swell with just a few guys scoring fun 3ft Snappers in perfect conditions????>>>>>>Who is the Tasmanian Island resident who despite lacking any computer skills logs into Nelsonboardriders Blogsite almost daily and even talks about flying over just for a swell and really wanted me to mention him on here....??>>>>><>>>Which local surfer has started an intense training regime often seen doing push-ups in The Glen carpark or weightlifting his Doberman's above his head to the theme of Rocky then pulling into overhead death-slabs right on the bricks???...and lastly but not least....where are half of Nelson's surfers?? Afraid of coldwater much !!! Thats it, Love it, Hate it. live it !!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Club Meet Finally A Date !

After much typical surfer pro-crastination I am proud to announce a club get-together/meet on NOW Saturday 18th August at my own residence at The Glen. Please find address details via email plus time etc. If you dont recieve or would like details please contact

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Livin' the Dream!

Local surfer Jeremy Pooley scored his dream job recently, he started working in the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia skippering a luxury launch/cruiser ferrying surfers to and from the mentawi's renowned class waves. Things started getting real exciting when the old "momentum" crew of filmaker Taylor Steele, surfers, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado and Ross Williams jumped on board as punters but thats when the dream became a reality.... next minute Jeremy is standing side by side with the king, the k-man, the one and only Mr Kelly Slater!! Jeremy is currently injured and unable to surf which is torturous enough but im sure the brush with fame was a solid consolation!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Norwester brings Epic Baby and Surf !!

Driving home Thursday afternoon and knowing my wife was a day overdue in her pregnancy I happened to glance out to the horizon as I cruised north through Atawhai and saw a big mother of a cloud bank rolling into the bay. I knew that with it brought lower pressure and as I saw it coming I knew at that moment my baby son was coming too. Arriving home a few minutes later I was greeted by my wife and friend as they counted contractions in the loungeroom and from there on in, it was all on.... including the surf... (above):Leif Christenson on a mother at The Glen. Friday the 13th saw the arrival of our baby son Eli,and then Saturday on provided us with a good old fashioned Northwest swell whereby the front popped as it hit Nelson leaving us with no wind behind it and an epic 4-6ft swell. Sunday, Leif Christenson and myself high as a kite on adrenaline paddled out into heaving 6ft Glen, getting suited up at my house was as if we were going to war...not a word was said to eachother. Later on a few others crew including, Richie Vass, Keni Duke, Stephen Blenkiron , Gary Miller and Conal Parkes got amongst it also with Blink calling it 8 out of 10 and similar to Kahutura. Graeme Bird claiming a few frightful horizon paddles. For those of you who have surfed the Glen will know.. you dont wanna go a round with the impact zone. Two people have had major back injuries there in the past so its always a cat and mouse game. (above): Schnappers Magic Monday was an enough said day. Some even calling the some of the best Schnappers in recent memory and I for one wont argue. Thats it for me for now, a long time between updates but thems the brakes when its bubba time !!! (above): Eli Stephen Nichols - born July 13th 2012 !!!! yeeewwww

Swell Season On !!!

(above) TuaraWhati in all its Glory. Just like that. The flick of a switch. Four days in a row of waves and at least 2 more systems on ...